My mother purchased this car in June of 1998, brand new with 22 miles on it. I had just been born 6 months prior to that and she wanted a safe car to drive my ass around in. I rode in this thing for basically my entire life up until I got my own car. As such, this car has more sentimental value to me than the car itself is worth monetarily. When my mom finally bought a new car (a Civic Si!) in November 2017, I jumped at the opportunity to buy it from her. She passed away of ALS a few months later, and that made the car worth even more to me. It used to be Dark Emerald Pearl (that's "green" for the normal people) but after the roof got damaged from a tree in December 2017 I had it repaired and the entire car repainted electric blue. In August 2020 a friend and I 5 speed swapped it. So much more fun to drive!

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