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Toyota Fanatic with a Love for Carlos Sainz' Legendary YAMAHA 3S-GTE Engine. Husband, Electronic Surveillance Expert, Canadian, Cat Owner.


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Read The Jalopnik Article on this project here. Most simply can't grasp the concept!

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Man that was awesome!

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We Canadians take HorsePower Seriously.  We train hard!   Like our Maple Syrup Swilling Mounties, we have Jared. He's persevered, trained hard for six months to crest the summit of the Rockies with his Turbocharged, Adrenaline Powered Toyota Rav4GTfour! He's still sore from a taking recent Bout with a failed Clutch Slave Cylinder head on and Won! Barefoot, and Shirtless, in a Dank parking garage. (ala Fight Club)  Spit to the ground, Wrench to the

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Rare sight in Canada, LS3 V8 Holden Imported from Australia.

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I'm Friggin Exhausted!  Man what an awesome Project!   Read about our Gen4 Caldina 3S-GTE Engine Swaps on JALOPNIK: http://thegarage.jalopnik.com/this-manual-awd-turbo-1998-rav4-will-make-your-subaru-c-1794439292 Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: http://www.rav4gtt.com Follow our builds on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JDMToyotech

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Just dropped her off at the alignment/exhaust shop, now on way to grab the hood with Caldina Scoop!

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Here are my build photos to date!  Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel www.Rav4GTT.com , and Check out my Facebook Page!   www.facebook.com/JDMToyotech . Where you can learn about my Rav4 3S-GTE Caldina Engine Swaps (Generation 3S-GTE), JDM Engine/Gearbox/Axles/ECU/Fuel Pump.   Check out the JALOPNIK Article about my Builds here: http://thegarage.jalopnik.com/this-manual-awd-turbo-1998-rav4-will-make-your-subaru-c-1794439292

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MAGNAFLOW TURBO BACK! Listen to the sound of my Gen4 ST215 Caldina GT-T Engine Swapped (formerly auto) AWD 5 Speed now E150F AWD 5 Speed Gearboxed ST215 Gen4 3S-GTE Engine Frankenphucked "Rav4GTT" on the Highway!   It pops, it Snarls, it doesnt blow off, Deleted that useless waster of good air and can rip up to highway speeds at illegal rates of acceleration!  2700 Lbs ~320HP AWD manual at 15 PSI on a CT26 ST205 Celica

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Part Two! Bonnet Chopping, 3S-GTE Swapping, Goiter Popping, Carbunkled Canadian Caldina GT-T Hood Scoop Presentation Part II, ADHD is Real Kids-- stay focused, Rhyme with me now.............SUBSCRIBE To this Dummy's YouTube Channel to learn about things. Lets Rap: Creative, Chaotic is my Formerly Automatic Generation one Toyota Rav4, Turbo engine, mad torque, there's more Celica turbo and poly bushings dem turbo sounds be straight up wooshing! eat the fuel cause

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Pictured is my first rendition of the Hybrid 3S-GTE "Rav4GTT" Hood Scoop, many have been waiting for a how-to, some long enough to grow a Beard.  TO see the true cost of having a Beard watch the video Below!  Fookin GROSS Mate. Infected Fookin Hair Folicle?!  I got shit to do damnnit!   Antibiotics and some Vagasil oughtta take care of it!

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This is my Wife's 1997 Caldina GT-T Aerial AWD 5Spd. Less than 3,000 were ever made in this configuration. The Aerial Kit includes a huge Moonroof, integrated spoiler, roof rack, side folding mirrors, digital climate control, integrated 110VAC Inverter, LSD Torsen rear differential, and of course it's the original home of the Gen4 3S-GTE YAMAHA Turbo Engine. Its a force to be reckoned with in a swap, or it's original Chassis, the ST215W. We've brought a couple Caldina's into

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Read about my Project on JALOPNIK Yo! Its down below in this Link Maux Faux! http://thegarage.jalopnik.com/this-manual-awd-turbo-1998-rav4-will-make-your-subaru-c-1794439292

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New Clutches make me turn into a dancing fool!

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[]Blaze Carr

You are the man. God bless ya. And as always I love your editing!

[]Ryan GTT

Thanks Bro, Kitty (Magic), Angela and I were just chillin' in the Park, and I saw this fella. Had to.

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How to Remove Toyota OEM Clutch Lines Easily.

Ryan GTT179 days ago

Had these 17" OEM Toyota Rav4 steel rims powder coated two years ago, holds up incredibly well to the weather!  Two Canadian Winters aint got SH!T on these wheels! I also see if the 'One Dollar Rav' even Chooches! https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=wF8t-4icLLk

Ryan GTT180 days ago

She's laughing at my Wimpy Rav4 GTT!


[]Justin Cavallucci

Awesomeness 😁 love car enthusiasts meeting

[]Kit Lau

Great video. She's hot too.

[]Ryan GTT

I've learned that she is a regular at a local Race Track, this is HER Car, and she KNOWS how to drive it!

[]Blaze Carr

Love the edit! Awesome experience lol

[]Ernie Szots

The Griswold edit is pure brilliance lmao.

[]Ryan GTT

hehe Thanks.

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