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Sometimes it's the little things

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HPDE Track days

I had a ton of fun this year attending some track event's on the ZHP!  Here's a video from my lates

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Strap in tight

Got to be the best mod for the track.  Stock seat belts just don't cut it when you're running Miche

[]Sven Feige

Safety first. Good choice

[]Wilson Oberholzer

What do you mount the upper straps to in the sedan?

[]Ryan Kneeshaw

This kit has a connector to the rear seat seatbelt and has a male connector that bolts in under the rear seat bolster. No drilling, no permantent modifications, and installs and uninstalls in seconds. Its pretty sweet. Turner Motorsport sells them as a kit specifically for the e46 and e39

[]Wilson Oberholzer

That's pretty awesome. I'll have to check them out if I ever start going in that direction on my 328i

[]Basir Khan

How are those seats? Any plans to upgrade?

[]Ryan Kneeshaw

Those are still stock seats, and they feel great. Having the 4 point belts makes all the difference. If I go full racecar someday (caged, slicks, solid bushings, etc) then I'd consider a true racing seat. But for occasional track days on 200 treadwear tires this works great. It comes out of the car as quickly as you can unfasten your stock seatbelt too, which makes converting back to daily driver mode super easy.

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Rebuilt shocks

Truck drives so much better! And mid perch looks great too

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Onx6 Light bar installed

Got this baby installed today, let there be light 

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Chase lights

Installed the Squadron Sport lights on the rear of the truck.  Still waiting on backordered amber c

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Had Line-x Premium installed today, sweet!

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Track day!

Today I completed my first HPDE track day in the 330i, and I LOVED it!

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Coding using NCS Expert

Just enabled rear fog lights and brake force display stage 3.  Had to use NCS Dummy to modify the K