Curb Weight
2500 LB
Automatic with paddle shifters
Engine Size
5.3 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
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        Car was purchased in 2014 because I love the style of the car. The cars paint is ok,  non-matching numbers, it has problem with the carbs. Nothing special in my books. I drive it for a summer and started to build something much better. Engine and trans were sold. New plans: Re wire the entire car with modern mini fuse panel Fix the hidden rust (sigh) POR15 entire car New driveline Suspension and brake upgrade will come later. New setup is a 5.3 all aluminum LS engine. Its lighter then the orginal 6 cylinder by 100 lbs. Car will be automatic, over drive with paddle shifters. Im getting older and I manual in Toronto traffic. Car will be turbo charged, not sure if I'm going single or twins.

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        []Ryan Merrill

        The L24 and a ton of other pars were sold to people in my local club to help restore their engines.

        []Jean-Philippe Langlois

        what did you do whit your L6

        []Ryan Merrill

        Started building the turbo system.

        []Ryan Merrill

        Vehicle now has a 5.3 between the the frame rails. Still searching for a transmission

        []Ryan Merrill

        My current project car. Remove the stock L6 and I am swapping in a LS engine and 6 speed.

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