92 HP
88 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2048 LB
Engine Size
1.5 L
Transmission Type
5 Speed Manual
Top Speed
110 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
16.9 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
42 MPG

A couple of years ago I was looking for a daily driver, after having a number of cheap relatively rare cars for daily drivers, I wanted something that would be more reliable and easier to source parts for. My prerequisites were simple, I wanted something unmolested, reliable, common, and still fun. I had seen this car on craigslist for a while, with 230,000 on the clock and $4,500 for the price tag I had always written it off as someone being completely delusional. I decided to see the car in person in hopes of talking the owner down. The car was not without it's flaws, the seat bolster was falling apart as per is usual with early Honda interiors, the A pillar ABS plastic trim is warped and there is a small crease in the trunk floor from where there had been an accident in the past. Beyond that it was completely stock minus some Modern Alloy wheels that had been put on as a dealer option and some locking lugnuts. However, given that this would be my daily driver, the seat falling apart was an inevitability, the ABS plastic trim was more confusing that it was like that than anything and the trunk floor appeared to have been fixed properly. To boot, the car had full records including the receipt of the bodywork which totalled out to be $3000 including a respray on the back right corner back in 2006. I searched up and down for issues and the engine was tip top, the interior was all well sorted out and the suspension was fine. Since it was a daily driver I wouldn't want to subject a PERFECT CRX to the brutality of MN weather and I wouldn't want to have some frumpy shit box to drive every day, so I bought the car. Overall the car was kick ass, rust free, 40+ mpg, plenty of fun to drive, Oregon car so no rusted or seized bolts, or sunfaded anything, it was perfect. After driving it for a few months the modification bug bit me, first in the name of lowering, which I did with some Raceland coilovers, then I came across a great deal on a set of clear tail lights which I've always wanted, I put my Mugen MR5 wheels on for some summer fun and finally a Tanabe exhaust when the stock one rotted out as they ALWAYS do. As a way to save the OEM metal hood from paint chips I picked up a carbon fiber hood from a friend. So I've set it up perfectly for daily driving, it is a blast in the corners and isn't going to get me in trouble. The car was perfectly reliable for the first year until about November of the last year and EVERYTHING broke, the thing to know about this car is that was it's first winter in Minnesota. It was originally going to be swapped out for an 88 Accord for the next few months but 4th gear on the transmission  of the Accord ate it and it wasn't suitable for long drives down the interstate required for my half hour drive to work. Minnesota winters are not too far off from an Alaskan winter but is significantly shorter. That being said 4-5 months of subzero weather, salt and moisture will break nearly anything. And break it did, first the distributor went out, then the alternator, then the clutch pedal SNAPPED OFF because the cold weather shrunk the clutch cable and caused the cable to become stiff enough to stress the tack weld on the pedal assembly. Finally when Spring had come a distributor seal leak and oil pan leak became evident. Luckily, working at MAPerformance, I had resources available. A freshly D16A6 became available and I had a Y8 head sitting in my garage which I've decided to mate together. I will update this as that continues.

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