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Ryan Tuerck 1000 days ago

Check out more Ryan Tuerck videos: https://goo.gl/92RZqC Subscribe for latest videos: https://goo.gl/6qTD8e ------------More Info Below------------ Another clip from Burke Mountain, this place ripped. I had such a great time shooting and drifting around the mountain. Socials Twitter - https://goo.gl/NqddqI Facebook - https://goo.gl/JkevSX Instagram - https://goo.gl/veNQOz Snapchat - @ryantuerck Ryan Tuerck is a professional driver competing in Formula D. He is a motorsport enthusiast, including motorcross, supercross; who is

Ryan Tuerck 1001 days ago

Behind the scenes at the Burke Mountain TuerckD shoot. Check out the full video on NetworkA

Ryan Tuerck 1035 days ago

Just slaying some tires in the 2jz powered GT86 making 750 powers.

Ryan Tuerck 1038 days ago

My travels through New Zealand while competing at the 2nd round of D1 New Zealand in the freshly built 2jz Powered GT 86 making 750HP.

Ryan Tuerck 1041 days ago

A few years back when I went to Gatebil at Rudskogen circuit to drive the HGK BMW kit car powered by an LS3.

Ryan Tuerck 1047 days ago

Shredding tires in the FRS Tuerck'd Street Car. Too much snow, ice, and salt outside to shred the driveway so had to bring it in the garage.

Ryan Tuerck 1051 days ago

Had a blast driving a full lap in Rene Portz 1.5JZ Soarer on this massive track, Euro Speedway in Germany at the Reisbrennen motorsports festival. Not sure full specs on the car but the JZ sounds rad.

Ryan Tuerck 1052 days ago

Nameless Performance did some stress testing on our FD car earlier this year to test the coolant system. Car made a consistent 800+ horsepower while being extremely hot and it's peak was 850. Full Engine Specs Below - vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv - Setup: VVTI 2jz built by Vigilant Motorsports Brian Crower 3.4 stroker kit 11.7/1 compression ratio 264 Cams Supertech Valvetrain +1 Intake valves +1 Exhaust valves Ported head Brian Crower Headgasket

Ryan Tuerck 1053 days ago

The 1jz 240 in all it's glory getting after it at some fun closed down spots to get wild.

Ryan Tuerck 1055 days ago

Chasing Steve Angerman in my 2jz powered Scion FRS with Chris Forsberg in tow at Club loose Slay ride.

Ryan Tuerck 1058 days ago

Chasing down Chris Forsberg at Clubloose in my 500hp stroked 2jz FRS.

Ryan Tuerck 1149 days ago

Running an awesome tandem lap sandwiched between my two homies Geoff Stoneback up front and Chris Forsberg in the rear. My Missile car turbo was falling off the manifold so badly it was barely making power during this lap hence all the clutch kicking. I love the greatest place on earth, Englishtown NJ.

Ryan Tuerck 1155 days ago

Ryan Tuerck and Chris Forberg rip around Englishtown Raceway Park in their 1000hp Formula Drift cars. Not only is Englishtown Raceway Park "the greatest place on Earth" but also Chris and Ryan's home track. For more great content visit www.teamvalvoline.com

Ryan Tuerck 1158 days ago

All Footage Shot and provided by- Tyler Senecal FOLLOW: Instagram - @Skid_machines Facebook - Skid Machines Photography I got a call from a friend about this abandoned warehouse compound and immediately got the FRS prepped for some fun. A lot of the pavement was trashed but the small crew and I all had a blast.

Ryan Tuerck 1182 days ago

A detailed look at the power plant inside my Formula Drift Scion Racing FR-S. Running a 3.4 Liter BC Brian Crower stroked 2JZ built by Vigilant Motorsports. Turbo By Garrett GTX 4088R running 28 PSI making between 800-850 at the rear wheels. Anti lag system built by Nameless Performance, Inc.. VP Racing Fuels C85 gets sprayed through our DeatschWerks injectors and everything is handled by a Motec Systems M150 ECU tuned by John Reed Racing.

Ryan Tuerck 1224 days ago

I am stoked to bring on @valvoline as a team partner this season. Valvoline has been the driving force behind the Drift Garage series on @networka and I can’t wait to show them what Formula Drift is all about. Check out this video of @chrisforsberg64 and I ripping at Long Beach. #TeamValvoline

Ryan Tuerck 1240 days ago

Super stoked when I got the call from my homie Chris to head out to Western Michigan for GRIDLIFE at Gingerman Raceway for some demos and ride alongs in my stroked 2JZ FRS. Here is some in-car from the epic music motorsports festival that is gridlife.

Ryan Tuerck 1247 days ago

Some footage I had from the 1jz 240 Throwing flames last summer and getting down in the D-way with my little brother Evan with some tandem donuts.

Ryan Tuerck 1296 days ago

Ryan Tuerck's first test session of 2015 in the fresh new version 3 FRS built by Nameless Performance. Take a ride from Ryan POV.

Ryan Tuerck 1297 days ago

Some video I captured during one of my test sessions with Nameless Performance before 2015 Long beach. Our tuner John Reed Racing made some adjustments to our Launch Control map and she was breathing fire. Pretty rad.

Ryan Tuerck 1382 days ago

I finished installing the prototype ENTHUSPEC solid subframe inserts and solid differential bushings so it was mandatory to slay some tires for the sake of testing the new parts.

Ryan Tuerck 1400 days ago

Bathtub footy from my video shoot at Burke Mountain for season 3 of Tuerck'D on NetworkA. Watch the full episode here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUqVTHV14Lg

Ryan Tuerck 2108 days ago

Can't wait for this video to drop on Feb 6th on www.youtube.com/networkA !!!

Ryan Tuerck 2109 days ago

Can't wait for this video to drop on Feb 6th on www.youtube.com/networkA !!!

Ryan Tuerck 2249 days ago

My Setup. 1JZ, Stock bore, compression, CP pistons, Brian Crower springs, retainers. Brian crower 264 cams, New OEM Toyota head gasket, ARP headbolts, RC 550 injectors, Bosch 044 fuel pump, Running 39 PSI base fuel pressure, Ebay exhaust manifold w/ Tial V band flange, Garrett GTX 3071 w/ Tial .64 V-band exhaust housing, Running 21 PSI off of the wastegate, AEM version 2 ECU. Custom wiring harness by MA- Motorsports and repinned by Mark Panic for the

Ryan Tuerck 2322 days ago

Ryan Tuerck- Hooning in my garage with the 1jz 240

For as long as he can remember, Ryan Tuerck, has loved Extreme Sports, and at a young age he became interested in BMX and Motocross. At the age of nine, his father bought him his first dirt bike, and by ten years old he started racing motocross. As he progressed through the ranks of amateur motocross he had countless podium finishes. The highlight of Tuerck’s amateur career was placing 7th in the nation, at Lorreta Lynn’s Amateur Nationals. At 16, he received his professional license from the American Motocross Association (AMA), and by 17, Ryan earned the opportunity to travel Canada, to race in the professional Canadian Nationals. Some of the highlights of his professional career included, placing 5th in the 125cc Canadian NationalsChampionship, as well as qualifying for Budds Creek, and Unadilla in the AMA Motocross Nationals. Though Ryan’s motocross career looked promising, he was forced to stop due to personal reasons... Read the rest at http://www.ryantuerck.com/?page_id=2
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