I originally bought a 90 DA9 Honda Integra for $800 and the car you see before you is the end result of an absolute electrical nightmare. That car had a half-assed engine B18A engine swap from a 91 DA9 and it turned out that it was missing grounds, had a fused wiring harness, smoked the OG alternator, and after replacing it all, it came back to the alternator. Long story short, I needed a reliable car to get to and from school at NASCAR Technical Institute here in Mooresville, NC and I found some people who were willing to trade me it for my Integra. This 3G hasn't let me down at all and has been really reliable and I love it to death. It's currently stock and the only "mod" right now is an OEM spec Exedy clutch that is going to be installed here in a couple days due to the clutch that was in it decided to blow up LOL. My plans for the car are to fully rebuild the engine with forged internals and also swap the head to a G4JS (Kia Optima/Hyundai Sonata version of the 4G64) DOHC head which allows me to use an aftermarket Evo VIII turbo kit. Visually, the theme I have in mind is a coupe version of the 2Fast 2Furious Eclipse but also track ready. It will be a street/show car, but with one quick change of my wheels and tires and I can turn some good lap times. I hope to meet and make some new friends with this car and please feel free to follow me on this journey.

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