244 HP
211 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3303 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
Zero to Sixty
5.8 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
21/30 MPG

This is my 2006 Honda Accord coupe EX-L. It has been mostly reliable thus far. the only major work i've done to it besides regular fluid changes and other maintenance items is replacing the valve cover gaskets, and the front lower control arms. It currently has 221,000 miles on it, and is rising steadily as i commute to school and work. I don't plan on modifying this car too much because I want to retain reliability since it is my daily driver. I fully expect it last me to 250,000 miles. she's 12 years old at this point, so she's got a few body issues. a bit of rust is starting to develop, and the passenger door is dented in a couple spots where my brother rolled the four-wheeler into it. 

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