Some HP
Not so much LB-FT
Curb Weight
Too much LB
Wrong Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.Sl0w L
Transmission Type
6 speed Slushbox
MPG (City)
21 - 24 city MPG
MPG (Hwy)
30 - 33 Hwy MPG

If you want follow the car's Instagram @the_slowest_dart :) I bought this car completely stock. It had 50,133 miles in July of 2017 when I purchased it. The wheels were the very first thing I got a week after I bought the car, which was a gift from my dad. Thanks dad :) The wheels have seen better days. I tried to enjoy it stock. I then found car groups and websites overtime that sold parts for the Dart. In October 2017 I bought a full exhaust for the Dart! I spent over $1100 on it between a longtube header, a Flowmaster dBX catback, and some Vibrant resonators. The catback was installed in November 2017, the header and resonators were installed in May of 2018, a week apart. The week I had the header, but not the resonators, was the most terrifying week driving as a delivery car for Domino's (it was full Honda, and also dumb loud) I got a tune from Syked ECU Tuning for the Dart in March of 2018. It has woken up the car and drove so much faster! Have to use expensive premium gas now to run it but I think it's worth it! In August of 2018 I got a TCM tune from Madness Autoworks. That has really helped too, holds the gear much better, especially 1st, and shifts are a lot smoother, upshift AND downshift! I got Gecko coilovers installed November of 2018! Gecko G-Street Coilovers with an Eibach rear swaybar and Moog swaybar endlinks were installed. It has made the Dart a corner monster! I love it! Even with the coilovers on the stiffest setting the car is still very comfortable to drive! This car has been used for Domino's since a month after I bought it and I love the job! I enjoy driving it, even when on duty! As of 10/3/18 it now has 78,1XX miles and counting. As of 9/25/2019 it has 104,885 miles! EXHAUST CLIPS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RUszwd23QY

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