355 HP
332 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3495 LB
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
Dual Clutch AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7-Speed Sports Transmission
Top Speed
167 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
13.9 Seconds
Zero to Sixty
4.8 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
25/35 MPG
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        Ordered this sight unseen, only having seen and driven its base version, the GLA 250 (which is not at all like this one!). Built it to my tastes, and waited almost 3 months for it. Was hoping it would be more a hatch than its lower cost sibling (which is a small SUV/crossover), since it rides lower, and I was not disappointed. You can't really even call this a crossover after you see it in person. In Ontario the GLA 45 is not even plated as an SUV due to its ride height. Got mine in one of the first shipments of them to arrive in the city, at the end of Nov. 2014. So far, its all I was hoping it would be, namely a sporty and practical full time ride. Have done a winter driving course in her and she was a real joy to drive in the snow and ice. She seems to be as happy on a track as she is on the snow and dirt covered back roads (not that I would treat her as an SUV by any means- but she could be a fun rally car I think!). Currently averaging 8.6 l/100km, or around 27mpg with my usual driving which is pretty decent after the RX-8 and my former Nissan Xterra. So far, I have no plans to tweak her beyond what I got as options from the factory. She has all the AMG performance options available for the model, and I have yet to see any reason to change things up. Then again, this is also my first car with real ooomph, so who knows what I will decide tomorrow? Don't judge her wheels in the pics- those are her winter rims. She sports lovely 20inch rims when the snow is gone.

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        []Sam Mason

        I took the AMG Drivers package to get the AMG suspension. It really is a hatch when I look at it and compare it to other hatches. Merc can call it whatever they want - when the WRX hatch parked next to me sits taller, I believe I can call my GLA a hatch.

        []Sam Mason

        You can get a less loaded version, but why? heheh

        []Devin Liu

        wow that thing is loaded! no compromises

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