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Is this a good car

Is this a good car

[]Joost Van Dien

Yes if it is maintained. The problem is with the parts. Everybody can buy a ferrari bur not everybody can pay for the maintenance. Buyinf a car that was kept on a shoe string can end up in tears or a divorce :p.

Go and have a look, have it inspected before buying.

[]Jessica Pomerleau

Buy car, ask questions later !

[]Sac Car Scene

The top photo looks like a hard top the bottom like a convertible. Is it the same car?

[]Chris Dirkschneider

In this instance I change the lines of "How much does one of those retail for?" to; "How much does it cost to maintain one of those?" and answer, "Ferrari!" LOL

[]Phil Jagodzinski

Show me the carfax

[]Kit Lau

buy first, worry later 🤐

[]Joshua Achury

Ferrari maintenace and servicing is always more expensive than the car itself so if you can afford it then to for it!

[]Derek Eckman

If you want to pull tge engine every time you do an oil change. A mutual person i know bought one and he told me he didnt know he had to do that.

[]Craig Crall

Again, I used to work on these, that is not true.

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