Curb Weight
2,500 LB
Engine Size
2.5 L
Transmission Type
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        A little toy I bought in case I am tired of getting 8mpg in my other car and its always been a little dream car of mine ever since I was young. Engine needs no work but there are some aesthetic features that need treatment. It is the most fun car i've driven so far and though it doesn't produce a ton of power (yet), it still puts a smile on my face whenever I drive it.

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        []Sam Paula

        Yea, I just wanted to see what kind of trades I could get from it

        []Matthew Baquerizo

        Thought I recognized it from craigslist.

        []Sam Paula

        Yes it is

        []Matthew Baquerizo

        This e30 in NY?

        []Tomas Read

        I agree, my e30 is definitely a fun car to drive.

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