Curb Weight
3464 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
bad MPG

I got this car in October of 2016. When I got it, majority of the work and modifications had already been done or installed by the previous couple of owners (who are both master ASE techs working at ford). I did the suspension, engine swap, exhaust, gauges, sound system, and lights. The car has never been on a dyno so I'm not sure how much power or torque it's making. It's never been raced or tracked. It's my daily street car. Not sure why I can't list all of my parts but I'll do a quick run down of the important stuff then leave a couple links at the end where you can find greater detail. It's a 2005 Ford Escape "SVT". The following [important] mods are: •BC Racing coilovers •Magnaflow cat-back exhaust •MSDS shorty headers with custom y-pipe and heat wrap •Spec-D Tuning Halo Projector headlights •Spec-D Tuning Smoked Fog Lights •Spyder Tinted Tailight housings •Billet aluminum grille powder coated black •AFE Stage 1 cold air intake with a larger 7” inlet diameter open top SB filter •2005 Mustang GT Premium 17” rims with 235/55/R17 BFGoodrich Advantage T/A tires •Rear disc brakes (rare OEM option available only on the 2005 and 2006 Escapes) •7% tint rear windows over OEM privacy glass, 20% tint front windows, 5% tint windshield strip •CATZ Eyes custom driving lights custom mounted hidden behind the lower grill and air dam. •AEM X-series boost gauge •AEM X-series oil pressure gauge •AEM X-series AFR gauge with Bosch wideband O2 sensor •Mishimoto baffled oil catch can w/ drain plug •Kenwood stereo head unit (USB, aux, bluetooth) •JBL 2 way speakers •MOOG racing tie rod ends •32lb/hr fuel injectors •Colder 160 degree Motorcraft thermostat •CURT class IV towing receiver and custom hidden wiring •Bosch Premium Alternator for a 2004 Escape which involved reversing the wiring for the alternator circuit. •Kenne Bell 2.0L twin screw supercharger (this involved tearing the engine down to the bare long block and rebuilding it as a 2004 escape motor, complete with the motor mounts (custom milled to clear the longer 2005 fuel rail), alternator brackets, alternator, alternator connector, timing cover, reclocking the crankshaft position trigger wheel, entire power steering system (pump, bracket, custom lines), idler pulley, tensioner, and belt all for a 2004 Escape. •XCT tuner with custom tune from Torrie at SCT Tuning tuned with custom maps based from a 1994 V6 Supercharged Thunderbird Super Coupe. Maps are fully adjustable. 93 octane. •Intake boot off an SVT Ford Contour (clearance issues) •Custom strut tower brace During December of 2017, the factory motor gave out and I ended swapping in a donor motor from another escape with 21K fewer miles. The following is a list of other parts and repairs we did while the motor was out: •Supercharger Oil changed every 12,000 miles as per Kenne Bell with their recommended fluid •Intake manifold gaskets •Valve cover gaskets •timing cover gasket •oil pan gasket •spark plugs •exhaust manifold gasket •water pump •water pump gasket •throttle body gasket •fuel injector o-rings •oil pressure sending unit •timing rebuild kit In May of 2018 the car caught fire and we ended swapping in another motor. Turns out the timing chain broke and my pistons hit my valves and bent all of my valves. At the same time that happened, the power steering hose came off and threw power steering fluid everywhere and melted some wiring harnesses as well as burning a hole through the bottom of my intake manifold. The following is brief rundown of what we did: •engine swap •exhaust manifold gasket •alternator •installed the AEM gauges and gauge pod •intake manifold I didnt get thee car back for about 3 months. Since then and the end of 2018, Ive had a few maintenance parts replaced including: •brake pads and rotors all the way around •ABS sensor •front sway bar links •front tie rods from MOOG •front CV axels •camshaft position sensor •coil packs and spark plugs •new headlights and brighter bulbs •new battery Other maintenance and repairs done over the years: •Air filter cleaned and oiled once a year. •Both ABS tone rings on Left Front and Right Front axles (these tone rings tend to crack and throw on the ABS/Traction control light. They’re only $8 parts but involve removing both axles from the vehicle to replace. •Alignment •Fuel filter •Adjustable tubular rear upper control arms and ball joints (to set correct rear camber to factory specifications after vehicle was lowered.) •Moog front lower control arms. •Moog front lower ball joints. •Moog upper strut mounts. •Intake manifold (OEM Ford part) •Ignition coil seals in the valve covers •IAC gasket •Vacuum lines •BFG Advantage Touring Tires – 235/55/R17 •Transmission Flush (BG full synthetic, which has been used since 60,000 miles, replaced again at 120,000 miles as per Ford.) •Rear differential flush at Uftring Ford with Ford fluid and Ford additive. (There is no service interval for the rear differential fluid in the Ford Escape but I figured it was 10 years old and had over 120,000 miles so it could stand to be changed.) •I had the rear PCV valve changed out for a coolant heated PCV valve to prevent icing up during winter (common issue) and that was over $500. •Custom front strut tower brace (made from an OEM strut tower brace from a V8 Oldsmobile Aurora.) •Radio antenna •Motorcraft Radio antenna base and wiring to head-unit (some kid snapped off the radio antenna.) •The supercharger installation, at which time the truck had 90,000 miles, and required me to tear the engine down to a long block and rebuild it as a 2004 Escape. This meant replacing, with new parts, the following: •Power steering pump •Power steering lines •Power steering pressure sensor •Power steering flush •Colder Motorcraft thermostat •Coolant flush (ford OEM Gold) •Motor mounts •Crankshaft seal •Motorcraft IAC (Idle air control valve) •Motorcraft Serpentine belt •supercharger belt •Motorcraft Idler Pully •Bosch alternator (Almost $400 just for that) •Handheld SCT tuner with custom tunes (Nearly $1000 for all of that in itself.) •Motorcraft fuel pressure regulator Cons: cracked rear bumper cover, rust on the rear driver side wheel well lip, rust on the inside bottom of all 4 doors, hood insulation still shows signs of fire damage, squeaky belt or pulley, shakes between 20-25 mph, could use u joints an center support bearing for drive shaft, needs new rear pinion seal, horrible fuel economy, burns about a quart of oil every 3000-3500 miles, small paint imperfections/scratches, runs lean at WOT so it needs to be reflashed, one of the tires leaks air, all 4 wheels have curb rash, interior plastic squeaks sometimes, hitch is messed up. NOW I know what you're thinking (perhaps something along the lines of "LIAR") but i assure you, this is not your typical soccer mom vehicle. If those kids need to get to practice, then by the beard of zeus they're getting to practice. There is an icon in my profile where you can find my youtube channel for a video on this car and I'll leave a couple links here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEdUKw5leIk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCj3lNvitjk http://www.escape-city.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=28335&mobile=on

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