130 HP
2445 LBS

Having been one of the first Honda Fit owners in the Socal when I had my 2007 GD3 Fit Sport, I've always been a fan of Fits and admired the Fit scene in Japan from all those Hyper Rev magazines and Best Motoring videos. They're cute, and have a simple sleek styling that I love. I love their simple nature and light weight. They're just so chuckable and so fun to toss around through corners! My AP1 (Samu2K) suffered engine problems after a Buttonwillow track day in Dec 2018, and I was in a weird spot where I wouldn't know how much it would cost to rebuild unless I had already payed for the engine to be removed and opened up. The idea of starting fresh from a clean slate was appealing and this was an opportunity to try something different. I found a pristine 2012 Milano Red Honda Fit Sport with just 27,430 miles for sale at a Honda dealer in Hemet and just knew I had to get it, and so I purchased her (Samufit) on Mar 1, 2019. It has been over one and a half years and I've only put 5,000 miles on it so far. I plan on keeping it as a prime example of a weekend track Fit. I used a lot of my experience from tracking my S2K over the years and kept things simple for this build. It's no all-out K20 swapped, rollcaged, race car with 225 R-compounds, 10+ kg springs, and clutch type LSD, but it is a build with balance and simplicity in mind. A tune with simple bolt ons, 7 kg springs, helical LSD, and 200TW tires, make this the perfect daily and weekend track car! There are also a lot of little mods here and there, and it's super fun to drive! I plan on setting some PBs at some of my favorite local tracks: Streets of Willow CW, Buttonwillow 13 CW, and Chuckwalla CW, and then just calling it a day. I just want to enjoy the thing and share the experience and passion; it's as simple as that! Follow me on Samu Racing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lR32OAhwmo

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