120 HP
Engine Size
2.6 L
Transmission Type
5 Speed

  This is my 260Z. She's my third Z car; I've had a '73 and a '71 before. After getting out of Z cars for awhile, I found myself driving a '77 BMW 320i. I soon discovered that parts were really expensive for the 320i. I threw in the towel after seeing a video of a 320i that had been turbocharged run a 15 second quarter mile, a time a decently tuned 240Z could hit without a turbo. As luck would have it, a buddy knew where an early 260Z was sitting in a guy's field. I ended up trading the guy my 320i straight up for the 260Z.    As the Z was at least 3 different colors, I set to work on the paint and body. Fate had me discover a set of 15X8.5 Shelby American wheels in a junkyard, and that altered the whole course of the build. To accommodate the wide wheels, I went with a set of ZG flares. Finding suitable tires proved difficult, but I lucked upon a set of 245/35/15 Dunlop SP9000's on ebay that happened to be local to me. After mounting those, the wheel wells looked ridiculous, so I lowered the car. Eventually I got all the bodywork done and had a buddy paint the car in a makeshift paint booth.    I got the turbo bug at some point, and put the car up on blocks in a garage while I accumulated a bunch of parts. But it was not to be. 1 year turned into 2, and before I knew it, 7 years had past. In those 7 years, I kinda lost the speed bug, an am now in the process of just getting her back on the road.          

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