222 HP
208 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2500 LB
Engine Size
1.8 L
Transmission Type
6 MT
MPG (City/Highway)
varies greatly! MPG

I've had this car since late July 2015, used to belong to the former president of our local autox club.  He was the sole owner since Dec of '01.  He drove it n/a for 100k then added a Begi turbo kit (Garrett 2554) and ran it boosted for another 100k.  Talk about reliable, it's still on the original engine!  It is using up oil quite a bit so I'm wanting to do a rebuild in the next year or so though. It was built as a fun/quick touring and autox/track day car.  Nothing hardcore, just a nice amount of power and quality suspension. My plans other than the eventual rebuild are wider wheels and tires, higher spring rates with revalved coilovers, and to run E85. 

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[]Scott Spear

Just finished some major changes to the car. I cracked a ringland in my #4 piston at my last track day so the rebuild plans started soon after. Decided to do a fully forged bottom end to deal with stress, heat and more boost. Also threw on a high flow oil pump and redid my oil cooler lines from -8an to -10 an and ditched 2 hard 90 degree fittings in the lines. The difference now is a gain of around 13psi. Fantastic! Also since this is a primarily fun/track and autox car I did some lightening up too. Deleted the PS and AC, and the passenger air bag. I have race seats and harnesses in the car now so air bags wouldn't do much anyway. Few other things got taken off like the tire trailer hitch and the hood latch, all told about 80lbs by my guess. Still in the process of watching for any small seepages to appear and retuning on the engine, but it should make for an even more fun car next season.

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