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(351 CI) ~5.8 L
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        This car started me on the right path as a kid. My father owned this as well as a long list of Falcons, including a '64 sprint which he still regrets selling. Since the age of 2, I remember sitting in the back seat of this car on the Lowes motor speedway, as my dad raced around the track. My family had taken her to dozens of car shows with the Falcon Club of America, which exposed me to the chrome and raw sounds of '60s American classics. My father obtained this controversial American Falcon from a single mom in, as he described it, a puke green. He swapped the engine for a 351 Cleveland Cobra Jet motor, replaced the bench seat with buckets, had it painted midnight blue, and added a pinstripe to side.  I accredit my obsession with everything cars to my Father and his 1970 1/2 Ford Falcon, which will someday be my own car. In it's current state, it's in our garage, buried behind tools, equipment and other such stuff, preventing it from moving while also not able to run. Other than simple repairs and fixing reliability problems, I don't intend on changing it much, something I probably wouldn't be able to say about any other future projects I might have.

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