400 HP
390 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3730 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
25 MPG

I was looking for a fun car and wasn't sure what I wanted. I looked at Type R's, STi's, Evos...etc but then I visited a friend's shop when he was working on a 92 white VR-4 that needed a new motor due to owner neglect. I sat in it, checked it out and decided I loved the platform. I went shopping and couldn't find any for sale that were clean and well taken care of like most 3S cars. I came across a couple that were nice but were expensive and weren't stock and had a couple little cosmetic things I didn't want. I came across mine online one day and it had a lot of pictures, it looked brand new! I decided to go see it a few days later with cash in hand. I bought it at a exotic dealership in Illinois in 2012. Nothing like buying a car that is sitting next to a couple 911 Turbos and a Hennessy Viper. This car didn't look out of place. I fell in love with it soon as I looked at it. Super clean, paint was taken care of, no swirls. Engine ran good, sounded good and pulled good. Only issues with it was a EGR valve CEL since it is a old car and it had a couple little wear and tear things like a rock chip on the fender and some touch up spots on the bumper. I bought it and I was so happy, I couldn't keep myself away from it. I drove it for a couple years totally stock, did maintenance. 60k over again since it hit the 10yr interval and the water pump developed a leak. Gaskets for the transfer case. Drivetrain fluids. Nothing major. Decided to put some better brakes on, downpipe, took the cats out. The sound of a decatted stock catback vr4 is amazing. Quiet on the freeway but fills the area with an epic noise when WOT. Got a intake for it, really opened up the bov sound and turbo induction noise. The car wasn't much faster than stock but was a whole lot more fun to drive. My downpipe was hitting the floor like crazy due to Fabberge not putting a proper mount on it so decided to ditch it and get a 3SX downpipe and it fit perfectly. Fast forward a little while to last summer and decided to go BPU with a Walbro 255 hotwired pump, Evo 9 MR BOV, Hallman PRO MBC, DNP y-pipe and pre turbo pipes and turned the boost up to ~14-14.5psi. Runs about 90% duty cycle so didn't want to run 15psi. I installed a Retrospec pillar with a Autometer boost gauge and Innovate MTX-L wb02 to keep an eye on things. Really woke the car up and made it feel quicker by a good bit. Currently I have a set of BC BR coilovers waiting for install and I'm looking forward to ordering a Setrab oil cooler, 3sx control arms and new Stoptech rotors for the spring.

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[]Nathan Klein

I kind of regret telling everyone about those wheels and our cars. I was the first to get them and since I would say there are dozens with the wheel. They look so good though!

[]Sean Larson

Thanks, man. I looked at your car and you are the one with the wheels I love. I remember seeing a picture of your car on the internet a while back.

[]Nathan Klein

Nice, man. The red looks great when its kept nice :) Check out my 98!

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