MIDWEST ZLIFE'S1991 Nissan 300ZXTurbo 2dr Coupe

midwest Zlife's 1991 Nissan 300ZX Turbo 2dr Coupe
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1991 Nissan 300ZX

Turbo 2dr Coupe



Horsepower400rwhp HP
Torque330 LB-FT
Curb Weight3450 LB
DrivetrainRear Wheel Drive
Engine SizeV6 L
Transmission Type5spd
MPG (City/Highway)24 MPG

The Story

I bought the car sight unseen - flew down to Houston, TX to purchase it and drove the car back to St. Louis(16hour drive) - Found out the car was previously totalled back in '94 and repaired sometime around '97-'00 - Had a small accidnet in the car after I brought her back to STL and as we were fixing her we decided to go ahead and just do a fresh paint job over the whole car - well that led to finding the old damage from '94 lol: -Stripped the car down to bare metal, ground off all the previous bondo/filler they used to get the body lines -Reworked the metal/rear quarter panels flared them out a bit and reinforced with fiberglass for strength -Metal work done on front fenders also - flared out the front fenders slightly to allow for wider stance all around -Shaved rear wiper, antenna, front wiper fluid squirters, rock chip guard, nose panel and molding on stock TT front bumper -Gutted and re-upholstered the interior, new faux-leather on interior panels, console, door panels, under dash, glove box, waterfall behind seats, new seat skins -Painted center radio bezel and plastic section of center console -Aftermarket steering wheel -EGR delete, Battery relocate to trunk/hatch area - custom made battery box, cut hole in hatch floor, welded in batt box, sealed and ran wiring with quick shutoff for negative terminal -Stripped and painted wheels same white as the new paint on the body/panels(will be getting powder coated eventually) -Single air intake, down pipes, test pipes, Stillen cat-back exhaust -bigger Z1 side mount intercoolers -740cc injectors -Base tune from Z1 for new mods -Master Cylinder brace -KYB/AGX 4way adjustable shocks with Eibach springs -stripped, customized, shaved and painted upper Plenum -Tinted windows -Rebuilt and powdercoated brake calipers with 13" 350Z Brembo front rotor upgrade -Pioneer CD head unit, Alpine 500W Amp, Alpine Type E 10" subs(2), Pioneer 6x9s(2), Pioneer 5.25" door speakers(2) -full set Energy Suspension poly bushings all around -adjustable upper control arms front and back -short shifter -leather wrapped dash panel above speedo -new suede shift boot and e-brake boot -viper alarm -greddy boost controller set at 15-16psi -120K maintenance(water pump, timing belt, tensioners, etc) New ACT HD clutch 350z clutch fork(heavy duty/more durable for the stiffer clutch) Plans for future: -Forged bottom end rebuild -ported/polished heads -GT700BB Turbos(pair) -Custom Tune -'98+ JSpec Transmission upgrade(no more grinding synchros lol) -CSLR rear wing -Kaminari sideskirts -Greddy or Stillen front bumper -VIS CF Hood -Strosek or SPDV6 Widebody -Lambo doors -Coilovers oh almost forgot $18k in current build(body work+labor+parts) does not include cost of vehicle $26k includes cost of vehicle All work performed by Habibi Motorsports and all upholstery work done by Hall's Upholstery all here in St. Louis, MO

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