400 HP
400 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3131 LB
All Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.8 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
21 MPG
Boost Pressure
27 lbs

The story begins back in 2010 during the last month of my 19 years of age. While both of my parents were hard workers, we did not make enough to purchase anything beyond necessity. Instead, I began working right out of high school and worked to save enough money for a down payment and build enough credit to buy my first car. I had my eyes on a Hyundai Tiburon as it looked very sporty and fun to me at the time. I had ZERO prior knowledge to anything involving cars and mechanics, so to me, it was just aesthetically pleasing. All I knew, was that it needed to be a manual gearbox After having searched for weeks, I had finally found one. It was silver, 5spd and just within my price range. I excitedly call the dealership only to find out that the car was literally driving off the lot sold... I was devastated. I had been struggling to find a manual gearbox Tiburon, let alone one in my price range. In hopes of cheering myself up, I decided to just shop around to see what else there was out there that looked rather fun and cool. I filtered through manual transmissions and slightly over what I thought I could afford, and while I didn't know it yet, there it was. I had found the 2000 Audi TT quattro. The TT was a one, elderly owned car, well taken care of and only had 96k miles on the clock. It came with a 1.8l 4 cylinder engine paired with a BorgWarner k03 turbo making about 180hp at the crank through a 5spd manual gearbox to all 4 wheels. I didn't for a second think I could afford it, but I bugged my father to see if we could go look at it. I schedule an appointment for the very next day. We took it for a test drive and by we, I mean my father (I didn't know how to drive stick yet) and when we returned to the dealer, I was asked if I wanted it. Sarcastically, but also a little serious, I replied with "Of course!". He took the keys, grabbed my father and I and he began filing the paper work. It was actually happening. Long story short, I had built up enough credit to afford a loan I could afford! This sparked the beginning of everything. I learned to drive stick in it, I learned mechanics and over the years, I learned enough to build my first engine. Because of this car, I was able to create what is now called The NeverEnding Project, a YouTube channel revolving around my adventures modifying the TT and pursuing motorsports!

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