Tell us the story behind your ride. What made you pick this particular one? Where did you find it? This is my 2001 Leon 20VT4, it was my Fathers Car from 2004 up to 2016, so i know the car for more than half of my life. I have so many good memories of this car that i really couldn't imagine getting around without it.

Describe the modifications you've made. Where did you start,  what’s the most recent mod and what motivated it? I have the Seat since 2017 (i mean officially, i helped or worked on it on my own since my father got it). First, and I think the most important mod, I put some coilovers on it and it transforms the car, the ride quality is miles better. The only downside was that, with the coilovers the negative camber on the rear got pretty much out of hand ( it was around 4°) so i sourced some rear control arms from an 2000 Audi TT quattro (pretty much the same Drivetrain as the Seat) that are longer than the Stock Seat part and mounted them on top to correct the Camber.

After that the Car got the Cupra R Spoiler, Front and Rear Bumbercovers and i painted some of the Trim, to freshen up the Look of the Car. As for the Interior, the Seats and Doorcards got some grey Alcantara Inlays and on top of that I 3D printed and painted a Shift knob in the style of the Nismo Shfiters.

other Mods are more minor like a Tune on the ECU, the Airintake of an MKIV Golf R32 DSG, a Shortshifter, wider Wheels (Japanracing JR7) and some sticky Tires (Yokohama Advan AD08R). Of all the mods you’ve made, which do you think offers the biggest bang for the buck? The suspension was a big Improvement but, also where the Tires both didn't cost that much, but the car just grips everywhere without any Struggle. How did you go about selecting the specific parts for this build? Any installation tips to share? I do a fair Amount of researching every Mods i do, to get the most out of it. Good sources are British Forums like "SeatCupra.net" and Guys like Speedacademy to get some knowledge of what to do and what improves the Car. Tips for working on the Car: Just do what you have to do and don't try any Shortcuts you are going to sit there longer than you need to. For Example the Coilover install, just take the Hub Assembly of with the Strut and change it on a Workbench way faster and easier. What are you planning next? At the Moment I'am sourcing all the Parts for an Turbo upgrade (bigger Trhottle body, Exhaustmanifold, Intercooler with Piping, Connecting Rods, flywheel, clutch, a diesel Gearbox so on and so forth). Bigger Brakes of an 996 Lower Controlarms and Steeringrack from an 1M Cupra R. Some Carbon Parts (Splitter, Diffusior, Canards and a Rearspoiler). And maybe a Set of BC Racing Coilovers What’s been the biggest challenge with this build? Sourcing the Parts for a good Price was really the Hardest Thing, I'am pretty familiar with the Plattform, because it is my fourth Leon so it is very easy for me to work on it. (English is not my main Language, so if you find Errors please tell me, so I can correct them. ;D)

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This is awesome! Would love to see a parts list!

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