This was my first car and it has come a long way since I bought it back in 2016. This car had roughly 340,XXX miles when I first bought it, and was involved in a rear end accident. Eventually the original short nose 1.6 motor took its last breath, and was swapped in with a long nose 1.6 engine with low miles. The car originally came with power windows, power steering, cruise control, and all the other amenities that came in the car. As time went by, the power steering was depowered and converted into a manual rack. The power windows were swapped with manual window regulators, AC and heat were deleted as well as the cruise control. All the sound deadening was removed but the carpet was left to keep the street car look, which resulted in a lot more cabin noise. Future plans for the car would probably be new bushings on all the suspension components since the ones currently on the car have probably never been replaced in all of its 340+ thousand miles. I'd also like to save money and buy all the components necessary to turbo the car, here is my list so far. Megasquirt PNP Flyin' Miata Turbo Kit Flyin' Miata Happy Meal Clutch kit Torsen Differential The last thing on the list I'd like to do in the future would probably be a new paint job, nothing fancy just something that will look half decent. Since I love beating on this car and plan to track it in the future I'd rather not spend a fortune on a paint job when I'm probably gonna destroy it anyway. Follow me on Instagram! @hentia.jp <3

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