250 HP
272 LB-FT
Curb Weight
3085 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 ecoboost swap
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
25-30 MPG

This little ranger started its life as a stock, slow, 2.3 duratec 5 speed powered truck. Originally I just wanted to throw a turbo on the 2.3 duratec and see how it held up. I went through with that idea, ordered basically everything you would need to turbo it and also used a microsquirt v3 module for tuning. After about 1500-2000 miles cylinder #4 detonated and messed up the piston head and rings. The day that happened I pulled the motor and planned to rebuild it for boost with forged internals and low compression pistons. After realizing the cost of all the internals I wanted for the 2.3 I really just called the quits on it. The truck sat for a few months while I came up with what I wanted to do with it. I debated about swapping a lot of motors into it. A 2JZ-GTE was at the top of the list. After seeing some vids on youtube about the motor a stock focus st has (the 2.0) I realized that the block for those is almost identical to the stock 2.3 the truck had. Ford has been using the same mazda L series block since 2002. After realizing that a 2.0 ecoboost motor literally bolts right up to this trucks stock mazda M5OD-R1 transmission I started to save up for a 2.0 ecoboost motor off of ebay and found out that ford sells a standalone pcm for the 2.0 and they also make an orientation kit to use the 2.0 in a rwd configuration. The oil pan and intake manifold on the 2.0L in my truck are off of a 2.3 ecoboost mustang. They bolt right up and at a glance my 2.0 looks almost identical to a mustangs 2.3. For the most part I don't think this build will ever necessarily be "done" but for now my money is going into another project that I will end up posting on here. In the future I would like to lower this truck, get an 8.8 limited slip rear end, and possibly get a 6 speed manual out of a 2.3 eocboost mustang and swap it in. I would also like a more sporty wheel and tire setup, but for now I'm content with how it rides and drives.

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