Main goal right now is to make my civic more enjoyable to drive. I feel like this civic is a pretty good car overall, but it was a bit lack luster in the driving feel. The rev hang was the most noticeable thing that I did not like about this car. The Ktuner removed that and got rid of the delayed throttle response and slow boost build on the turbo which made a huge difference in the driving experience. The pedal spacing makes heel-toe shifting nearly impossible for me, so the pedal spacer was a must have. The car is very quiet overall, so getting the intake and unplugging the noise inducer thing when its in sport was a must do to at least have some more engine noise. The stock shifter felt like trash to me, but I didn't want to go with crazy short shifts because it's my daily driver and I don't know if I will be bringing it to a track often or ever. The type R shifter with a better centering spring made a huge difference in shifter feel and its much better now. The motor mount insert made my shifts feel better and low speed (parking lot) driving doesn't cause the car to buck anymore. Next mods I'd like to do is a downpipe and front pipe. And probably some more grippy tires.

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