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  1. Bilstein - B1 (Components) Front and Rear Active to Passive Suspension Conversion KitMFR# 50-174546$407.65
  2. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255605$416.67
  3. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255636$458.33
  4. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255612$541.67
  5. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255650$541.67
  6. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-256503$458.33
  7. Bilstein - Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-047023$3,056.33
  8. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255643$458.33
  9. Bilstein - Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-121167$1,389.67
  10. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-256510$458.33
  11. Bilstein - B4 OE Replacement (Air) Front Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-042295$867.00
  12. Bilstein - B4 OE Replacement (Air) Front Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-069483$1,146.00
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Tom Armstrong12 hours ago

I’ve become so disgusted with dealership life I started applying to anything that will expand my expertise. Fixing cars under warranty because people can’t drive has taken its toll on my creative side, gotta get outa this shit-hole industry....


[]Bryan Holmberg

I know how you fell man I work at a John Deere dealership for construction equipment and people really fuck shit up and warranty problems always suck we have one customer that just destroyed a 13.5l engine $62,000 mistake not covered by warranty

[]Tom Armstrong

Oh holy moly. That’s a heart attack amount of money

[]Bryan Holmberg

Dude your telling me my Ram Rebel and lift,rims, and tires cost me $62k ish that’s a whole truck looks like we made budget tho 👍🏻

[]Sebastian Nounou

Best of luck bro. It’s a tough ride.

[]Tom Armstrong

Thanks dude. I don’t wanna die next to my toolbox with no savings....not that the damn executives would care. They’re just looking for a bunch of young robots to pay minimum wage.

[]Sebastian Nounou

Not to mention how ruthless the tool truck dudes can be. Oh, you dead? Pay me 😑

California has its share of undervalued markets that just need a change of scenery, if ya know what I mean 😉.

There’s a bunch of low market Cali stuff that the rest of the country pays top dollar for.

[]Tom Armstrong

Yeah I only get specific stuff from tool trucks, maybe 1-2 tools per year

With all of the money in the system from smog, licensing, and registration fees you would think the state would be better off.

At the end of the day car companies care more about a customer than its employees. That’s fine for most people and I get it, but when there are only 2 L1 certified techs in would think SUBARU would take care of said techs

[]Sebastian Nounou

Absolutely. The customer brings the money.

Logan Staton13 hours ago

I wanted to make this a diy guide, but I unfortunately didn’t take a single photo of the installation process, so I guess I’m going to make it a review instead! So let’s get down to the root of the problem I ran into, the e46 uses an external crankcase ventilation system (CCV), which is really nice when a hose breaks and you need to get in there to replace it, however the CCV on the e46 never


[]Timothy Markworth

Plastic valve cover? For real? And it couldn't even hold up to crankcase vacuum...pitiful. Great mod work, but it shouldn't be that hard.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

BMW likes to use a lot of "cheap" plastic bits that break easily, like the CCV system mentioned here. I've redone mine 3 times in the past 6 months and eventually just opted to delete the whole damn thing

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I just recently did the CCV delete/Catch Can install on my M54 525i (with a PCV valve added to help even things out). I had no idea that the plastic valve covers could warp, I'm going to have to keep my eye on that.

Zachary Billetski10 hours ago

Post by Zachary Billetski...

Anthony Reed12 hours ago

Post by Anthony Reed...

Robert Sixto13 hours ago

The blow off valve in question, is this dual port TurboSmart unit pictured below. I've had it installed on my Mazdaspeed 6 for the last couple of years and probably about 20,000 miles. On this car, some people have reported the OE valve leaking when pushing beyond factory boost levels, making an upgrade necessary. While I never pushed boost much with the OE valve in place, I do now see levels that peak at 18-20psi and the TurboSmart

Leonardo Borrero11 hours ago

Post by Leonardo Borrero...

Brayton Bendlak13 hours ago

Post by Brayton Bendlak...

Elevate Cars 12 hours ago

Post by Elevate Cars ...

Tim Oliva12 hours ago

Post by Tim Oliva...

Andrew Taylor12 hours ago

Post by Andrew Taylor...

Tyler Williams12 hours ago

Post by Tyler Williams...

TheHoonigans 6 hours ago

Post by TheHoonigans ...

[]Wilson Oberholzer

Yes! I have been waiting for this to happen for a long time!

Jonathan Andrews10 hours ago

Post by Jonathan Andrews...

Swedespeed 12 hours ago

Post by Swedespeed ...

BBS 13 hours ago

Post by BBS ...

Jon Naftzger10 hours ago

Post by Jon Naftzger...

Jordan Reece14 hours ago

Post by Jordan Reece...

Paul Sine12 hours ago


Brett Turner13 hours ago

Post by Brett Turner...

Adam Pembroke14 hours ago

Post by Adam Pembroke...

Zack Hyatt14 hours ago

Post by Zack Hyatt...

John O'Dell 7 hours ago

I need some #advice So heres my problem, in January '18 I bought a brand new '17 #focusst and then like 3-4 months later ford said they're not making or selling cars anymore in the U.S. except for the mustang. I didn't really think too much about it until the other day when I was at the ford dealership ordering some mountune aftermarket parts. I started talking to the parts guy about ford cancelling those five cars and what

Maggie Johnson14 hours ago

Anyone else going to H2O this weekend?? Also peep my newest decal🤘🏼 #wheelwell #forthebuild #simplicity #decals #vw #volkswagen #mk6 #carporn

Hef Tollefson6 hours ago

Post by Hef Tollefson...

Jordan Shuster17 hours ago

Post by Jordan Shuster...


[]Wilson Oberholzer

Oh no! Did it break?

[]Jordan Shuster

Nope! I just got forced into a curb by a semi. She’s back on the road now with a new back tire

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