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  1. Bilstein - B1 (Components) Front and Rear Active to Passive Suspension Conversion KitMFR# 50-174546$407.65
  2. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255605$416.67
  3. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255636$458.33
  4. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255612$541.67
  5. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255650$541.67
  6. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-256503$458.33
  7. Bilstein - Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-047023$3056.33
  8. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255643$458.33
  9. Bilstein - Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-121167$1389.67
  10. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-256510$458.33
  11. Bilstein - B4 OE Replacement (Air) Front Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-042295$867.00
  12. Bilstein - B4 OE Replacement (Air) Front Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-069483$1146.00
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Robert Sixto8 hours ago

What do you do on a nice day with a little free time? Start buffing the FC of course. I swear this thing needs polishing like most cars need car washes. When it is clean and polished though, man is it worth it. Here you see I've finally learned the value of masking when buffing, no more white residue in hard to reach gaps.


[]Hayden Baker

Yeah i love when the black paint on my bmw is clean but you have to you have to clean it all the time to keep it looking good. I still have residue from the last buff I need to clean off. So worth it though

[]Robert Sixto

It really is so good when you get it right. I've got tons of residue from compound, wet sanding deposits, and wax. I've been slowly removing it over the last couple of months. It's why I was so careful to mask properly this time.

[]Sebastian Nounou

Very nice man.

#Saab #Boost #DIY #Daily_Driver Trouble shooting the Saab last night I was going to try the old crank position sensor to see what happened when I saw the extra long wire running to the sensor resting on my exhaust manifold. I pulled the sensor out to find a huge burn through on it. Swapped in the old sensor and it fired right up. At least it's an easy fix, lol


[]Robert Sixto

Woops! Was this an aftermarket sensor that burned? Just a case of poor fitment?

[]Wilson Oberholzer

It was an aftermarket sensor but I think it was a case of installer error. The stock one was held in with zip ties. I should have done the same to the harness on this one

[]Gregory Garoppolo

I found some nearly worn through harness pieces on the Volvo the other day, installer error, but not this installer. It's extra time and money to resolve the issues I found but luckily only the harness was damaged and the wires inside were fine. Two locations on the harness damaged none the less, plus a cracked crank case ventilation hose, and a melted hard vacuum line, all improperly installed by the previous owner. It's been 4 years but I'm still finding surprises!

[]Hayden Baker

See? It wasn't the saabs fault

Brett Turner7 hours ago

Post by Brett Turner...

[]Hayden Baker

Nice trunk! Jealous

Bret Svoboda8 hours ago

Post by Bret Svoboda...

[]Hayden Baker

Yay painting! So satisfying

Chris Hall8 hours ago

Post by Chris Hall...


[]Hayden Baker


[]Robert Sixto

Hahaha, if I had a nickel for every time I saw that same scenario play out in the shop.

SubiSpeed 7 hours ago

Post by SubiSpeed ...

Enjoy Car7 hours ago

Post by Enjoy Car...

[]Hayden Baker

Love those wheels

Brian Chin7 hours ago

Post by Brian Chin...

Ernie Szots7 hours ago

Got in touch with them on April 16 about my interest in a couple R100 Tuner seats and applicable brackets, sliders and hardware. Here we are in the final week before Toyotafest, about six weeks later, and I'm still waiting. They're telling me first week of June and when I mention how that's the week after Toyotafest, which is disappointing, they come back and say they're expecting them this week but quoted a week later "just to be safe".


[]Hayden Baker

Gotta buy American ha

[]Robert Sixto

That's a bummer. I ordered my Sparco seat years ago, and I didn't have any time crunch, but I don't remember it taking particularly long. I did buy from a third party vendor though, so maybe they had it in stock/on hand.

Post by Nathaniel Henderson ...

Winter Evens7 hours ago

Post by Winter Evens...

Shawn Davis7 hours ago

Post by Shawn Davis...

[]Hayden Baker

Right > Left

Corey Lynch5 hours ago

So I just recently bought my 2015 Scion tC gen two with the 2.5 L engine. somebody had done prior work to the car and I think the outside is pretty good-looking. I really just want to work on the engine and get 325- 350+ whp out of the car. Any advice on where to start would be much appreciated at this time the engine is bone stock.


[]Hayden Baker

Is there a reason you want that specific power amount? I would talk to Tom Armstrong as his Yaris should be similar to your tC enough to get some advice. The only way you'll get those numbers is a turbo but I don't know if there's a kit for your car. Then there's the possibility the transmission or axles won't handle the power. You'll definitely need a proper diff too. It won't be cheap or easy for sure

[]Corey Lynch

Ya deffenitly plan on a turbo already found the kit and its just a ball park whp amount id like to get out of it and trust me i deffenitly know it wont be cheap but hell nothing worth it ever is.

Fred Burge6 hours ago

Post by Fred Burge...

Aaron Simone6 hours ago

Post by Aaron Simone...

Alexei Belechev6 hours ago

Post by Alexei Belechev...

Raphael Monta6 hours ago

Post by Raphael Monta...

Zack Hyatt6 hours ago

Post by Zack Hyatt...

Yao Sun8 hours ago

Post by Yao Sun...

[]Hayden Baker

What a view!

Chris Hall8 hours ago

Post by Chris Hall...

BBS 8 hours ago

Post by BBS ...

[]Hayden Baker

I'll take the green please

Mike Hobson6 hours ago

Post by Mike Hobson...

Dan Engstrom5 hours ago

Post by Dan Engstrom...

Jordan Reece5 hours ago

Post by Jordan Reece...

Andrew Weinmann4 hours ago

Post by Andrew Weinmann...

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