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  1. Bilstein - B1 (Components) Front and Rear Active to Passive Suspension Conversion KitMFR# 50-174546$407.65
  2. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255605$416.67
  3. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255636$458.33
  4. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255612$541.67
  5. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255650$541.67
  6. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-256503$458.33
  7. Bilstein - Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-047023$3056.33
  8. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255643$458.33
  9. Bilstein - Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-121167$1389.67
  10. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-256510$458.33
  11. Bilstein - B4 OE Replacement (Air) Front Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-042295$867.00
  12. Bilstein - B4 OE Replacement (Air) Front Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-069483$1146.00
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Sammie Robertson13 hours ago

Post by Sammie Robertson...

[]Robert Sixto

Lol, fair enough, we don't have those here, what exactly is bucees?

Gregory Garoppolo10 hours ago

The turbo control valve (TCV) is a known failure prone part of turbo Volvos. The part fails because it opens and closes a lot, and I mean a lot, a lot. IPD makes a really cool video explaining the mechanics of it all if you're interested let me know in the comments and I will dig it up. The installation is supposed to be straight forward, but my T-5R's PO was awful. First, the TCV was not where

Andrew Esquivel9 hours ago

Is forced induction a bad idea on an aluminium engine block? its a 4G64 SOHC


[]Robert Sixto

It's not bad just by virtue of the block being aluminum, but your limits may be different. I know from talking with someone from a shop that does runway/top speed builds on Evo's that the iron block 4g63 of earlier generations had a much higher ceiling than the final Evo's 4b11 aluminum block that replaced it, but they still pulled immense power out of it with loads of boost.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I wouldn't exactly say that it's a bad idea. There are plenty of modern cars that use aluminum blocks and are turbo'd from the factory with 0 issues. If all of your internals are stock though, I'd say keep the boost relatively low and make sure you have a good tuner to get it running the way it should. If you want more power then expect to spend some money on engine internals. Things like pistons and connecting rods (and possibly even block guards depending on the engine) will significantly improve your engines durability.

Jennifer Leung14 hours ago

Took the bb out for a drive 😜 #advice #mazda #carporn #newmod #intro

[]Robert Sixto

Nice shots!

Jeff Bowman5 hours ago

2 more days until Sammie the STI gets tuned! I was thinking tho, when I get the car back.... I wanted to do a series of posts on each of the major mods I’ve done, why I’ve done them, and how do they stand the test of time. What do you think? Comment below!

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I definitely think it would be interesting to see the what/how/why of someone else's build. It's always neat to find out what drives someone else's choices on car mods.

Post by Brendon Schmierer...

Michael Lumpkin10 hours ago

Post by Michael Lumpkin...

Daron Spencer11 hours ago

Post by Daron Spencer...

Chandler Ford13 hours ago

Had to swap back to stock bulbs because the HIDs I had were too much pain for what they were worth. Looking for other alternatives. What do y’all suggest?


[]Robert Sixto

Wilson's right, the market on HID's is saturated with cheap and terrible products. Ideally you want a kit that includes not only quality ballasts and bulbs, but also the proper projector housings to go along with it. That said, LED is the future, but the same applies, look out for quality kits and not the cheap and easy fix.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

What brand of HID's were you using and how did you have it wired in? Cheaper, no-name, HID kits tend to have issues with functioning properly just because of their cheap build quality. Proper wiring plays a part in that too. I ran HID's in my Preludes foglights for a long time with no issues and I had them wired up with heavy duty wiring and relays to control it all.

You could also try LED bulbs. I seem to remember a few users on here having good luck with them.

HG Performance 12 hours ago

Post by HG Performance ...

Post by Nathaniel Henderson ...

Post by Brendon Schmierer...

Kelvin Tso12 hours ago

Post by Kelvin Tso...

Roddy Koberg12 hours ago

Bought a little something something to go along with my other anniversary gift to my girlfriend for her jeep... Hopefully she likes them

BBS 11 hours ago

Post by BBS ...

Adam Pembroke13 hours ago

Post by Adam Pembroke...

TimeWarp EcoBoost10 hours ago

Post by TimeWarp EcoBoost...

Jon Naftzger13 hours ago

Post by Jon Naftzger...

Post by Nathaniel Henderson ...

Post by Chris "SCHREK" Schretzenmaier ...

Post by Brendon Schmierer...

Nicholas Baldwin13 hours ago

Post by Nicholas Baldwin...

Andrew Esquivel14 hours ago

So here is what the power stop Z23 pads and drilled slotted rotors looked like after 15 days and normal driving.

[]Robert Sixto

Wow, that seems pretty bad. Not enough heat shouldn't be an issue for a pad designed as a sporty street pad. Did you reach out to Power Stop? Any warranty consideration? It is possible you got a defective set.

Hayden Baker15 hours ago

New SCCA sticker for this weekend

[]Robert Sixto

Official race car now 😉

Post by Nathaniel Henderson ...

xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="">Asset 4Asset 3Check marlCreated using Figma