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  1. Bilstein - B1 (Components) Front and Rear Active to Passive Suspension Conversion KitMFR# 50-174546$407.65
  2. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255605$416.67
  3. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255636$458.33
  4. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255612$541.67
  5. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255650$541.67
  6. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-256503$458.33
  7. Bilstein - Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-047023$3,056.33
  8. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-255643$458.33
  9. Bilstein - Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-121167$1,389.67
  10. Bilstein - B1 OE Replacement (Air) Air Suspension CompressorMFR# 10-256510$458.33
  11. Bilstein - B4 OE Replacement (Air) Front Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-042295$867.00
  12. Bilstein - B4 OE Replacement (Air) Front Air Suspension SpringMFR# 44-069483$1,146.00
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Craig Crall1 day ago

What's your HP to Weight ratio? Just for fun, I wanted to see how my car compared to some of the best new car offerings. After reviewing several sources, I found a Road & Track article that summed up the best of 2017 cars, Horsepower to weight. I threw my own car on the list and not surprisingly, it's towards the bottom, but, still better than a few. To make the top of this list, I would need another 330


[]Brett Turner

Car should weigh about 3250 with me in it, at 600whp I’m at 5.4lb/hp

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[]Jake Friedberg

Idk I have 190whp so I’m not sure

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Robert Sixto8 hours ago

Post by Robert Sixto...


[]Craig Moody

Hahah the thing with rally and rally cross, its fun if you watch, if you prerun, or actually compete, theres nothing like it in the world

[]Robert Sixto

Ooh, that's another motorsport I need to experience, I imagine it's much the same, I'll bet it's fun. As for competing, I don't know that I could do rally, it really is just insanity to watch in-car cams, not sure I'm that brave!

[]Craig Moody

hahah well you never know till you try. get to a school they can be pricey but worth it as far as smiles and experience. itll also blow your mind cause everthing you know about tarmac drivng. doesnt matter in the gravel and sand world.

Wilson Oberholzer13 hours ago

#newmod #diy #saab #og93 #project_car #TeamWheelwell #ForTheBuild I finally got a new boost gauge to go in the Saab to replace the broken one that's currently in it. It may be a cheapo eBay special but should be good enough to show it's boost levels and not look like garbage when I go to sell it.

[]Craig Moody

its not bad at all, I tend to lean towards glowsport gauges for the same reason, cheap effective, good warrenty, and easy to access. though i woulda liked to see this gauge in bar.. cause.. swed life

Robert Sixto10 hours ago

At least when it comes to me being behind the camera, shooting drift stuff is my new favorite thing to do. I find it so much more challenging, interesting, and just fun to do! It must be real, I took a shower of rocks to the face from a car that drifted onto the edge of the skid pad, and responded with grins and laughter. Is it just the summer heat getting to me? 😂

Robert Sixto12 hours ago

Post by Robert Sixto...

Graham Cain10 hours ago

Post by Graham Cain...

Michael Jobusch11 hours ago

Very subtle difference - but I notice.

Mason W11 hours ago

Post by Mason W...

Ryan Poirier11 hours ago

Post by Ryan Poirier...

Spencer Tomlinson11 hours ago

Post by Spencer Tomlinson...

Post by Assault Industries ...

Chadd Randall13 hours ago

Post by Chadd Randall...

Joseph Kim12 hours ago

Post by Joseph Kim...

Jake M12 hours ago

Post by Jake M...

Dan Engstrom10 hours ago

Post by Dan Engstrom...

David Northrop13 hours ago

Post by David Northrop...

Yves Vds4 hours ago

I got these products to play with. I will put a review up soon.

[]Wilson Oberholzer

I love Poorboys' products. I used their "blackhole glaze" on my Saab and it hid a lot of blemishes in the paintwork quite nicely. I'd be interested in seeing what these can do.

Thomas Pattison12 hours ago

Post by Thomas Pattison...

Deshawn Johnson13 hours ago

Post by Deshawn Johnson...

Mark Lai13 hours ago

Once I get my coilovers, Selena will have successfully completed Phase 1. She will be ready for entry-level track usage.

Tommy Donahue10 hours ago

Post by Tommy Donahue...

Shawn Davis13 hours ago

Post by Shawn Davis...

Graham Cain10 hours ago

Post by Graham Cain...

Will Shaffer9 hours ago

Post by Will Shaffer...

Adam Aldridge10 hours ago

Post by Adam Aldridge...

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