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Racepak 600-KT-G2XPLSR - GPS Navigation Control Module



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Racepak 600-KT-G2XPLSR - GPS Navigation Control Module

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Part #: 600-KT-G2XPLSR

The G2X-Pro ads to the G2X's capabilities by monitoring up to 71 channels, while providing speed and track mapping functions via GPS. Packages are also available to monitor steering position, throttle position, and brake pressure. Suspension and ride height data may also be obtained by purchasing the appropriate shock and ride height sensor package. In addition, any Racepak sensor may be used with the G2X-Pro. Optional dash display shows lap times, lap number, per lap gain/loss, gear indicator, progressive shift light, battery voltage, G-forces and RPM. External V-Net sensor data can also be monitored. The G2X-Pro Land Speed Kit adds driveshaft speed monitoring to measure wheel slip. The box includes: G2X-Pro recorder, GPS antenna, up to 16GB SD memory card, Datalink II Software communication cable, power/ground/engine RPM harness and Driveshaft speed harness and sensor. Specification: 71 total channels / 59 V-Net channels / digital sample rate: up to 100 per second / analog sample rate: up to 1000 per second / digital timing rates within 1/1000 of a second / data stored on SD memory card. Internal Sensors: battery voltage / longitudinal g-meter / lateral g-meter / GPS / Driveshaft speed. Dimensions: 9.00 in. (L) x 11.75 in. (W) x 3.00 in. (H) (22.86 cm. x 29.845 cm. x 7.62 cm.) / 3 lb. (731.4 g)

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Daniel Carvalho


Daniel Carvalho
2012 Ford Mustang
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What made you choose this particular product?
I thought it would be relatively plug and play and display all the information I needed displayed. In retrospect, I would have been better off with the regular IQ3.
Is this your first time buying from this brand? Did you consider other brands?
Yes, first time.
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About Racepak

Racepak LLC was founded in 1985 by Spencer Eisenbarth and Ron Armstrong, originally as Racepak and its parent company, Competition Systems, Incorporated (CSI). Both men were engineers with strong backgrounds in electrical and mechanical applications, and both had an interest in motor sports. Through an earlier joint effort aimed at obtaining data for the improvement of the Unlimited Hydroplane that Armstrong was piloting at the time, both men realized the need for onboard data acquisition equipment. Their respective backgrounds qualified them to develop such equipment, but the major task that needed to be overcome was in designing and building a data recorder that could survive in the unfriendly world of race vehicles. That challenge became the initial goal that led to the formation of Competition Systems, Inc. The continued success of Racepak has allowed CSI to grow. In the years that have followed Eisenbarth and Armstrong have quietly guided CSI into a strong presence in many forms of motor sports.

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