250 HP
330 LB-FT
Engine Size
5.7 350 L
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        This 85 Corvette is my first car I bought when i was 16 in 2011. It is my baby and all my money is almost always spent on my car. I bought it from my grandmother when she lost her job and could not afford to maintain it anymore. It was always my dream to own a Corvette as a kid and it amazes me that i was able to accomplish this at a young age. Working my ass off for 3 summers straight through high school sacrificing friends, money, and time I found the thing that would introduce and inspire me to join the world I now love, the world of cars. It has influenced me to join the career of an automotive technician, a job I love. This car also showed me I can do anything I set my mind to. it inspired me to go back and graduate high school after initially dropping out, it has also inspired My dream and of opening my own performance shop some time in the future. My goals for this car is to turn it into a 500-600hp road course car that I can drive to work on friday, or take a cruse far away with no problems but still keep up with modern sports cars on the track. Im a long ways away from that dream but because of this car I know through hard work I can make it happen.

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