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homepage tile photo for undefined

Deleted the ltd and accord off my wall since they were stolen and I couldint recover them. aroudn 6

[]Porsche GT3

Man!!! No insurance?

[]Sophia Florence

Sadly no, they were projects that stayed off the street and I haden't thought to

[]Chris Dirkschneider

Sorry to hear that, hope they catch whoever did it!

[]Sophia Florence

Id hope so too, but its probably too late

[]Jessica Pomerleau

That's quite a lot! Sorry my man, this really sucks

[]Sophia Florence

Yeah, well hopefully it doesent happen again

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homepage tile photo for Started paint prep on the dynasty!
Started paint prep on the dynasty!

Started sanding affected areas for paint prep

[]Tobias Linder

Sweet! Do you have any more pics of the "after"?

[]Sophia Florence

Unfortunatley no, weather got too cold/wet here in pdx and i had to shelve doing it till spring, i can get pictures of the front though once i have a chance since i did do that

[]Kit Lau

Can't wait to see the before after photos :)