75 HP
75 LB-FT
Front engine, rear wheel drive
Engine Size
2.8 L
Transmission Type
4 Speed manual floor shifter
Top Speed
55 MPH
Standing Quarter Mile
180 Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
12 MPG

Slow moving long term project, slow moving truck. Kind of a family heirloom, so Ol' Becky as she has become known is here to stay. All work is done in a normal 2 car garage. Long term plan as of 2018 (had her since 2012) is to get some kind of braking system (currently there is no braking system) - which involves custom made caliper brackets and adding front bearings, rotors and calipers from a variety of vehicles. I'll post a full parts list when the full list is known. Once at least front brakes are usable, then at least she becomes less of a burden as she is easily movable. I spent the last few months getting the 169ci (2.8l) in line six running to an acceptable level, which it now is, although far from perfect. Having only had 75hp from the factory, it probably has 40 now. I suspect the last 20 years have taken their toll on the piston rings and bores, but there's still enough compression to enable a smooth enough idle, even if it is a little smokey. Once the front brakes are transformed, that will require new wheels and tires - the standard wheels are "Budd" (AKA "Widowmaker") 3 peice wheels, which have a unique 6 on 8" (yes, you read that right) stud pattern that is not found on ANY other vehicle. Owing to the fact that I needed to source brake shoes (no longer available), wheel cylinders (no longer available) and drums (no longer available) - the decision was made to move to a disc conversion, which also requires a wheel change. As yet, there are no plans on what type of wheel, but I'm thinking something cheap like Soft 8's or some D-Windows. I'm thinking 17" at the moment, probably with something like 235/70R17s up front and 275/60R17s out back. While on the subject of what's out back - I have the same brake issue - parts are just not available for the 3/4 ton version of these trucks, so I'll be replacing the whole axle - probably for a ford 8.8" unit out of an Explorer. These are available in a variety of ratios (3.73 and 4.10 being the most popular) and with and without LSD. They are 31 spline units so should be good for any mild power increase down the road. There's a fair amount of fabrication that will be required for this addition, and the axle pumpkin is offset in the Explorer and centered on the Stude, so at least for a while there will be an odd angled driveshaft.

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