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Cadillac CTS-V Longtube Headers. First, a sexy American uses a robot laser to cut the flange. Then another hunk of American muscle cuts the primary tubes to length and bends them on our bigass mandrel bending machine. Finally, a skilled American craftsman TIG welds the whole thing together. (And he looks handsome as hell while he does it.) ctsv

Chevrolet Small Block Blockhugger Headers. 🦅Mandrel bent Stainless Steel, TIG-welded by a sexy American yesterday afternoon. ing bent chevy

63-82 Chevy Corvette Small Block Stainless Steel Headers. 1.75" primaries into a 2.5" collector. Mandrel bent from 304 Stainless Steel, then TIG welded by a sexy American craftsman. corvette

Ford Raptor 6.2L Stainless Steel Longtube Headers. Bigass Headers for a bigass motor, welded by an American with thickass biceps. He probably has a bushy beard, too. vt

Ford Shelby GT500 Longtube Headers. These bastards are damn near 4-feet long, with smooth mandrel bends and fatty 3-inch collectors. Again, welded together yesterday by a sexy American TIG welder. bent

@smokedcamaro has a badass Camaro featuring Stainless Works exhaust, and he's shredding the 1/8th mile.

Church Boys 1962-67 Small Block Chevy Nova headers and exhaust built by Stainless Works. For more info visit or give them a call at 330-442-7162

Stainless Works 10 days ago

88-98 C/K Chevrolet Pickup Truck Longtube Headers. Rust-free 304 Stainless Steel: cut, mandrel bent and precision TIG welded by American craftsmen. ing

Stainless Works 10 days ago

2010-2015 Camaro (5th Gen.) 6.2L Longtube Headers. These glowing pieces of 304 Stainless Steel awesomeness were stitched together by a skilled American TIG welder. benting

Stainless Works 11 days ago

Mustang GT Coyote Longtube Headers. Hunks of Stainless Steel TIG-welded by an American hunk. Fat flanges, buttery smooth welds, flowing mandrel bends.

Stainless Works 14 days ago

Sexy Stainless Steel at Stainless Works. Ford F-150 5.4l Longtube Headers, Raw. I caught one of our handsome welders about to TIG weld these pieces together and thought you might like to see. bent

Stainless Works 15 days ago

🐍 Coil of Pythons. Another view of our bigass Chevy Big Block Dragster Headers. Fatty stepped primaries go from 2 3/8" to 2.5", then into a 5" slip-fit collector. 304 Stainless Steel, TIG welded by handsome, rugged Americans. (Keep your eyes peeled for our new "Welders of SW" Calendar, THE hottest stocking stuffer this holiday season.) benting

Stainless Works 17 days ago

Big Block Chevy Dragster Headers from Stainless Works. Mandrel bent and TIG welded with stepped primaries. These beefy bastards were welded together by a sweaty American just last week.

Stainless Works 17 days ago

Smooth-Ass Mandrel Bends at Stainless Works. All sorts of diameters and radiuses available. (My Geometry teacher would say that "radii" is the plural form of radius, but he was a jerk...)

Stainless Works 18 days ago

Bottle Openers for Mustang Week are here! Our promo team is headed to Myrtle Beach!

Stainless Works 22 days ago

Pontiac G8 GT/GXP 6.0/6.2 Stainless Steel Longtube Headers, Unwelded.

Stainless Works 22 days ago

4.6L Crown Vic Longtube Headers, 304 Stainless Steel, TIG-Welded. ing

Stainless Works 32 days ago

At @big3racing getting a stock dyno pull on the nasty @lucien.moody C7 Corvette - then we're adding our headers...

Stainless Works 41 days ago

Stainless Works attended the 2017 American Muscle show and had a great time with a huge amount of Ford Mustangs! #am2017

Stainless Works 42 days ago

#AM2017 is underway! #Regram @14coyote5.0 Staged up at the @stainless_works Booth. Come check it out!!

Stainless Works 42 days ago

We're getting ready for #AM2017 this Saturday!

Stainless Works 57 days ago

Shout out to @sonic_ms for including Stainless Works in this gorgeous Raptor! svt svt #MadeInUSA #Horsepower

Stainless Works 64 days ago

Excited to bring you our new Pontiac G8 headers and exhaust. Full vid in bio. 🎥 gt #MadeInUSA #Horsepower

Stainless Works 72 days ago

#Regram @lutzracecars Another piece of the puzzle. Can anyone guess what this is? Big shout out to Stainless Works you guys rock. #Waittillyouseethis

Stainless Works is a performance exhaust company that specializes in top quality exhaust systems for the American muscle car market. Our products are designed and manufactured in house and utilize state of the art machines and expert craftsman. Our commitment to quality, performance, and sound sets us apart in an industry of imitators. If you're looking for the best for your Mustang, Camaro, or any other American muscle car - Look no further than Stainless Works.