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Excited to bring you our new Pontiac G8 headers and exhaust. Full vid in bio. 🎥 gt #MadeInUSA #Horsepower

Stainless Works 10 days ago

#Regram @lutzracecars Another piece of the puzzle. Can anyone guess what this is? Big shout out to Stainless Works you guys rock. #Waittillyouseethis

Stainless Works 11 days ago

Camaro SS exhaust R&D part 2. Link in bio. 📝 #MadeInUSA ss

Stainless Works 15 days ago

Visit this weekend to check out some hot rides and visit the Stainless Works booth. 👌 #Regram @goodguysrodandcustom

Stainless Works 23 days ago

Took the G8 with our headers and full exhaust out for a test drive today.g8

Stainless Works 25 days ago

#Repost @reaperjeep Painted the exhaust tips black. All black everything 💀

Stainless Works 30 days ago

#Repost @lutzracecars Nothing but the best for us

Stainless Works 32 days ago

Learn about our Camaro SS R&D - Link in bio. 📝 #MadeInUSA six camaro system

Stainless Works 32 days ago

Big thanks to James Goad for stopping by the shop yesterday. Proud to be part of @reaperss68! #StreetOutlaws #MadeInUSA

Stainless Works 37 days ago

Handmade horsepower in the USA: Vinnie welding a set of our 6th generation Camaro headers. #MadeInUSA ss

Stainless Works 44 days ago

#Repost @acceleratedracingsolutions Those tips though 😁 @stainless_works

Stainless Works 51 days ago

#Repost @sw.jason Over at @big3racing getting some stock numbers on the Pontiac G8 before g8

Stainless Works 52 days ago

A view underneath the 2017 Raptor featuring our latest exhaust. Vid link in bio. #MadeInUSA svt svt trucks

Stainless Works 53 days ago

Hope everyone had a safe #MemorialDayWeekend as we honor those who have sacrificed for our freedoms. #USA #MemorialDay

Stainless Works 60 days ago

How our new exhaust and downpipe improved the 2017 Raptor - Vid link in bio 🎥 #MadeInUSA #Horsepower #StainlessWorks raptorsvt

Stainless Works 68 days ago

#Repost @zach_2ss Now this is whats up @stainless_works @phastekperformance 6 performance

Stainless Works 86 days ago

Horsepower junkies call our addiction hotline today 800.878.3635 #Charger #Challenger

Stainless Works 87 days ago

#Regram @hotrodgarageshow 244HP/311TQ at the wheels for the! Not a bad start considering this thing was rated at 260 flywheel HP brand new! @stainless_works full exhaust and @holleyperformance efi making gains!

Stainless Works 89 days ago

We talk performance upgrades with @acceleratedracingsolutions - link in bio! 📝

Stainless Works 96 days ago

See @thatdudeinblue running our headers on his #Ford #Mustang - full vid in bio 🎥

Stainless Works 99 days ago

Our #Jeep #Wrangler exhaust spotted in the wild. 🎥 Vid link in bio.

Stainless Works 100 days ago

Truck fans make sure to check out @americantrucks - the new venture from the team at @americanmusclecom 👌 #F150

Stainless Works 101 days ago

#Repost @hulk_gt featuring Stainless Works "Listen to my exhaust Linda...listen! 😈 🚀🔥"

Stainless Works 103 days ago

Working on the 2017 #Ford #Raptor in R&D, here's a look at our dump exhaust prototype. #MadeInUSA

Stainless Works is a performance exhaust company that specializes in top quality exhaust systems for the American muscle car market. Our products are designed and manufactured in house and utilize state of the art machines and expert craftsman. Our commitment to quality, performance, and sound sets us apart in an industry of imitators. If you're looking for the best for your Mustang, Camaro, or any other American muscle car - Look no further than Stainless Works.