114 HP
109 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2060 LB
Front Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1.5 L
Transmission Type
Manual 5 Speed
MPG (City/Highway)
31 MPG

This was my first car and the first yaris on the road in SoCal. Bought in auction for 12k in 2006, it served me all through highschool, then it became my brother's car, then my other brothers, then my fiancee's, and finally after we married it went to my youngest brother. Once he bought a car of his own, the yaris was just going to sit there. As a base model with body damage, there was no way we were going to get anything from selling this, so the family resolved to let me turn it into a project car. Its now been stripped to the metal inside, the AC, washer fluid system, and front windows have been removed, we added coilovers lighter wheels with wider stickier tyres, and a bunch of bolt on stiffening. Since the car is an automatic, this project can only go so far without a trans or engine swap, but the goal is to make it the no excuses car. Anyone can go out on track in this thing and feel like a racer without worrying about shifting, temps, or traction.

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