About 12 two headed horses HP
My impact wrench has more torque LB-FT
Curb Weight
Too heavy LB
Wrong Wheel Drive
Engine Size
1 Lukewarm Beer L
Transmission Type
The one that uses a long stick and some cables to actuate a lever and make stuff happen that causes metal to shave off of things that collect in my gear fluid
Top Speed
All the license points MPH
Zero to Sixty
About twice as long as zero to fiftynine Seconds
MPG (City/Highway)
I make Prius owners cry MPG

This is Heidi and she was assembled in Germany and then ruined by me. Also it makes wooshing noises and stuff.

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[]Shawn Flindall

Looks great!

[]Mike FaceliftSthree

Nice build!

[]Stephan Wels


[]Philip Senn

The number plate :D.. Clean build

[]Stephan Wels

Thank you sir!

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