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Stephanie Isidro

San Francisco, California

Automotive Illustrator & Designer. Founder of @chibicars
Stephanie Isidro74 days ago

Post by Stephanie Isidro...

Stephanie Isidro88 days ago

Come join us! Everyone is welcome**All makes and models, including... MORE

Stephanie Isidro92 days ago

Working on some Blox Racing promo designs🔥

Stephanie Isidro95 days ago

These were my superhuman powers growing up. 💪🏼 I want to try... MORE

Stephanie Isidro96 days ago

When you don't have paper, so you light paint instead✌️😊

Stephanie Isidro99 days ago

The weather was stunning in Atascadero. A scenic drive I'll never... MORE

Stephanie Isidro109 days ago

Reveal of one of my artwork coverages I created for ZDay💕 I hope... MORE

Stephanie Isidro134 days ago

Happy Sunday🍃

Stephanie Isidro139 days ago

ZDay California 2017 Teaser

Stephanie Isidro144 days ago

First time in a RHD!

Stephanie Isidro148 days ago


Stephanie Isidro153 days ago

Let's put this bad boy together❤️ #r33 #bloxracing #chibicars... MORE

Stephanie Isidro153 days ago

These two beauties featuring my big head in the way 🙈

Stephanie Isidro154 days ago

The Driving Line (@drivingline) | Twitter

Stephanie Isidro156 days ago

Rough Drafts🎨

Stephanie Isidro157 days ago

New beginnings

Stephanie Isidro175 days ago


Stephanie Isidro180 days ago

Getting through my final list of illustrations/projects before... MORE

Stephanie Isidro196 days ago

Escaped the city for a bit🦄 So many plans for her for the new... MORE

Stephanie Isidro198 days ago

Made use of the rainy day💙

Stephanie Isidro202 days ago

My college career officially ends next week. & I am beyond... MORE

Stephanie Isidro204 days ago

Had a blast at The Purist WinterDrive event in Los Angeles today!... MORE

Stephanie Isidro205 days ago

Headed to Los Angeles tonight but had to make a detour at Dudley... MORE

Stephanie Isidro207 days ago

MK1 Scirocco 🎨

Stephanie Isidro207 days ago

Throwback Thursday🤘