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Stephanie Isidro

Automotive Illustrator & Designer. Founder of @chibicars
Stephanie Isidro341 days ago

Post by Stephanie Isidro...

Stephanie Isidro354 days ago

Come join us! Everyone is welcome **All makes and models, including domestics and classics. Free drink coupons for driver and passenger over 21yrs of age with ID. Must report before 4pm to access lower bowl parking area inside Pier70** #carmeet #chibicars #bloxracing #projectwreckless

Stephanie Isidro358 days ago

Working on some Blox Racing promo designs🔥

Stephanie Isidro361 days ago

These were my superhuman powers growing up. 💪🏼 I want to try something spontaneous, so I'll be sharing weekly illustrations from now on. Let's see how this goes... Comment your favorite superhero below for a chance to be next weeks illustration piece🤘 😊

Stephanie Isidro362 days ago

When you don't have paper, so you light paint instead✌️😊

Stephanie Isidro366 days ago

The weather was stunning in Atascadero. A scenic drive I'll never forget. I finally experienced my first ZDay💕

Stephanie Isidro376 days ago

Reveal of one of my artwork coverages I created for ZDay💕 I hope to see some familiar faces next week & hopefully meet more awesome people in the Z community ✌️😊 p.s. I need more z friends haha

Stephanie Isidro401 days ago

Happy Sunday🍃

Stephanie Isidro406 days ago

ZDay California 2017 Teaser

Stephanie Isidro411 days ago

First time in a RHD!

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Stephanie Isidro420 days ago

Let's put this bad boy together❤️ #r33 #bloxracing #chibicars

Stephanie Isidro420 days ago

These two beauties featuring my big head in the way 🙈

Stephanie Isidro421 days ago

The Driving Line (@drivingline) | Twitter

Stephanie Isidro423 days ago

Rough Drafts🎨

Stephanie Isidro424 days ago

New beginnings

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Stephanie Isidro447 days ago

Getting through my final list of illustrations/projects before the year ends. I just want to thank everyone for all the love & support & most of all patience. Life is more meaningful to know my work has made many people in awe and more importantly has inspired some to pursue their own happiness as a career. You've helped challenge me to be a better artist. In case you haven't heard already, next year I will only be doing commissioned

Stephanie Isidro462 days ago

Escaped the city for a bit🦄 So many plans for her for the new year but my ultimate intention is to simply just drive her. Grow my skills as a driver, gain more track experience and be better than my last lap time.

Stephanie Isidro465 days ago

Made use of the rainy day💙

Stephanie Isidro469 days ago

My college career officially ends next week. & I am beyond exhausted yet excited to share with you guys the amount of creativity I poured my heart into these past months working behind the scenes. It's time I fuse my two worlds together and go beyond the surface. #chibicars2017

Stephanie Isidro471 days ago

Had a blast at The Purist WinterDrive event in Los Angeles today! I gave Cody Walker my tribute drawing of his brother. #chibicars

Stephanie Isidro472 days ago

Headed to Los Angeles tonight but had to make a detour at Dudley Perkins Harley Davidson!

Stephanie Isidro473 days ago

MK1 Scirocco 🎨

Stephanie Isidro474 days ago

Throwback Thursday🤘

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