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Should I make my automatic manual or wait it out until I can buy a better car that’s also manual???

[]Wilson Oberholzer

If you can afford to have the car in a non-drivable state for awhile then I would go ahead with doing the manual conversion. If you can't, then I would wait until you can get one that's already a manual. Converting from automatic to manual takes a bit of work and a lot of little parts that you don't think of until you absolutely need them.

[]Jared Dainis

I agree with wilson. Do some research on the forums, talk to a reputable shop and see how involved a swap would be. Modern cars arent as simple as the classics to make major changes to. As much as i wanted my G37 to be a 6 speed, i knew it wasnt practical to swap. I had to be patient until i got the is300 to scratch the manual trans itch haha.

[]Seth Bradfield

Subarus are pretty easy to do trans swaps on, but the question really comes down to what your goals are with the car. If you plan on doing more performance upgrades, I would suggest waiting it out and upgrading to a WRX or STI. You'll get way more bang for your buck starting with one of those then replicating it on a 2.5rs which Subaru has already done with either of the aforementioned models. I hope my 2 cents helps!

[]Christopher McDowell EL

All depends on you and your situation. I am currently gearing up for manual swap in my SRT Charger.