It all started in 2014 when my buddy sent me a listing for a guy with 15 fieros for sale that have been sitting in warehouse fofor 5 years! I called told him my budget and he said he had one for me.. i didnt ask for pictures which was a bad choice.. We arranged all the transportation uhaul and tow rig... we drove 100 miles or so to pick it up... we get there and there is fieros everywhere in this guys yard! I ask guy which one is mine he points at my fiero! Nose first into dirt pile! Decklid and driverside fender coverd in moss! Passenger mirror hanging by cable! 2 flats! The guy didnt budge on price and i was in to deep to leave empty handed so i bought it anyways! And youd think that would be my only worries! Ha! good one! After new fuel pump to injectors, dizzy to plugs and few other odds and ends she was running again... had to redo all brake lines! Rust was pretty bad and i didnt know how bad till later! I drove it into town first time driving into town mind you... and got pulled over so i went to go get it registered and turns out it didnt sit for 5 years it sat for 15 years guy i got it from bought it drove 160 miles and parked it! 6 months of driving it went to car show in city and long story short put to pistons thru block! Thats when i decided to 3400 swap it and thats when i found out the rust was terrible in the rear! Been quite the battle but ive managed to get it in pretty good shape.. definitely not stock but its been fun so far a lot more to go! Checkout GARAGELESS on youtubes to follow build!

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