0 HP
Curb Weight
2599 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
2.0 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
22 MPG

The beginning of my ownership with this car was a little rough, it sat for about 3 years before I touched it; stockpiling parts etc. I bought it well but I bought it in a very.... Sad.... shape, no seats, no door cards, a cracked dash, no speakers or stereo, no taillights, no engine, no gearbox. It was a questionable roller at best, not a single suspension bolt was in it's correct hole, bolts had been used as pins to attach the suspension to roll it, managed to obtain the original cluster to the car, it is a JDM 91 T-Top turbo shell albeit now 93+ rear subframe, brakes & taillights. The main goal with this car was to overbuild the engine, I've had really bad luck with a few engines letting go over the years in my previous 3 mr2's. Not this time lol, well hopefully as I've yet to hear it crank or fire. I personally assembled this engine from a bare block to the best of my ability, I believe it will run 😂😅 balancing manafacturer torque specs with also remembering to check the new torque specs of every new individual performance manafacturers part was probably the most difficult thing to constantly remember Bit of exhaust work, vacuum lines, intercooler piping and ECU and wiring then fluids, and hopefully first start More @sw20_addict on Instagram

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