334 HP
276 LB-FT
Curb Weight
2850 LB
Rear Wheel Drive
Engine Size
3.2 L
Transmission Type
MPG (City/Highway)
22 MPG

As I am writing this, I went to look up the date that I found the car on Craigslist, and it turns out that 6 years ago tonight, on February 1st 2011, I responded to the Craigslist ad for this gem of a four-door E30. The seller owned the car for 19 years, after the original owner drove it for 18 months. He brought the car with him on job related moves from NJ to LA, then to Dallas before returning to NJ.  The car was super clean and totally original aside from a rear bumper replacement. It was "just" a 318, and a four-door at that, but it was a white slicktop with under 140k miles, three pedals and simply too good to pass. I drove it home three days later.  Three months later I accepted a job with a manufacturing company in a program that would ship me off to at least two locations over 24 months. First stop was Portland OR. By that point I had already bought a US S50 motor swap package, so I would have to finish it within 8 weeks to make the long-haul vehicle shipment deadline. It was on the truck in time, albeit with open headers.

In Portland I found a really great classic BMW scene, and with local help I pulled the motor back out for a full rebuild after it guzzled oil and eventually blew smoke while ticking like crazy. I continued to daily drive the car until being relocated to central Massachusetts, at which point I decided to buy a separate daily driver to keep my E30 out of the salt. That allowed me to undergo a full interior swap to black with sport seats.  Eventually I made my way back to PA. I've done a couple of track days and just maintained the car. In 2016 I discovered that the cost to defeat EWS and code the DME of the E46 M3 had gone from about $2k to $100, which was enough for me to decide to go for the S54 swap, which is just about nearing completion now. 

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