Years ago, when we lived in Illinois, I was always looking for the next car. I had just sold my Fb RX-7 track car and was getting the itch. Side note: The embarrassing Fast Lap plates are from the RX-7 and they're still hanging in my garage. The Triumph appeared in the classifieds one fall and was still for sale early the next spring. Sounds like the beginning of a horror story but actually, not at all. Finally, I broke down and went to see it. A woman owned it. My memory is a bit fuzzy but I believe her husband (ex or deceased) had built it for drag racing. It had a 350 Chevy V8 with a Muncie four speed. Someone, I believe her son, mentioned Muncie Rock Crusher but I never had that confirmed. The transmission was fairly quiet so I assume it wasn't. The front and rear fenders were fiberglass and appearance wise, it was a decent ten footer. A nice touch were the magnesium wheels. Not "mags" but actual magnesium. Another odd thing was that it was a TR4-A with IRS. Normally not recommended in combination with a small block Chevy. It needed a few things, so I rebuilt the front suspension using stock parts but did use stiffer springs. It was also running a bit rough so that was fixed with a tune. It was fixed even more with an Edelbrock Performer manifold and 4 barrel carb along with Accel wires. The Supertrapp mufflers were perhaps not a great choice but it did sound nice. I took it to a local muffler shop to have the trapps put on. The guy working there laughed at me and the car when I brought it in. Later that day, he handed back the key and said "Nice car." and that the guy who built it knew what he was doing. In the fall of 1991, we moved to Colorado and so decided the TR should go in advance; to be put in storage. There is one week in the midwestern fall that is perfect in any normal sense of the word. I caught it. The top stayed down and luckily, the tools in the trunk were never needed. I stuck to two lane highways and had the best road trip of my life. It's surprising the beautiful things you can see if you go ten miles either side of the interstate. Nothing much happened other than getting followed out of a small town by a 340 Plymouth Duster. I thought out of state drag racing might be a bad idea so after a few miles, he got bored and turned back. At an intersection in Sterling Colorado, in an unwitting demonstration of power to weight ratio, I accidentally started in third gear and didn't realize the mistake until trying to shift into second. Living in Colorado, it was used on nice weekends but surprisingly, most of the miles were as an 80 mile per day, summer only DD. I can't remember having any problems with it but took it to a Denver Triumph shop for the occasional maintenance. In March of 1996, reverting back to my old ways, I was tempted by a 911SC. The owner of the Triumph shop bought it and that's the last I saw of it. He did call me a week later to tell me that he had taken it out and "beat the sh** out of a 396 Chevelle." Occasionally, I'll look for it online or at car shows but it seems to have disappeared. That's why I put it here. I won't be buying it back but would sure like to know its fate. If you've seen it, please let me know.

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