Silver stallion
310 Awhp

Don’t have time to type a bio now, but I feel like this is a great spot to tell you to go get a transmission mount if you don’t have one. Mine is my favorite to date mod. -delivers pizza -climbs mountains (off-road) -0-speed limit ASAP -street play with mostly American muscle only -hoon on mixed terrain -camps monthly in the mountains (caution dangerous curves ahead) -frequent service and maintenance -overall goal to have rally built work vehicle, versatile enough for the shotty roads in my area and keep us safe and entertained through wicked buffalo winters. -eventual competition car 🤞 -one backwoods stage rally (3rd place)

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Buying parts

Can anyone here ever stop? I can’t 😂 just spent some of the cash I was saving towards my tune, on

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After months of sitting on the parts I think we are finally ready to delete and go flex mid October

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