Curb weight
3800 Lb
Stock power
227 Hp

I bought this car in October of 2018. I remember watching Donut Medias Up to Speed on the Audi S4. In that video, James mentioned that the first generation of S4 was powered by a 20v turbo inline 5 cylinder derived from the Group B era of rally. So I hopped on Facebook Marketplace, typed in Audi S4, set the filter to pre-1995 cars and boom; this car pops up 3 hours away from me. The paint was thrashed, all the struts were blown, and there was literally no exhaust on the car. That being said, I still wanted it and managed to make a deal with the owner. The next weekend, I was driving her home. These cars are super rare in the US, 410 were imported to the US for 1994 (535 for all of North America), only 399 were sold. This originally being an Emerald Mica (one of 144) and Ecru Leather makes it 1 of 108 in the US. Now, the paint was so bad, that it was not possible to save. So, I ended up respraying it to a color of another German 5 cylinder car I would probably never get to own; the 1994 Audi RS2 Avant in RS Blue Pearl Effect (later called Nogaro Blue).

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