619 HP
612 LB-FT
Curb Weight
1950 LB
3 link solid axle
Engine Size
5.8 L
Transmission Type
Modified Tremec 600
MPG (City/Highway)
not much MPG
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        Factory Five MK3.1, but not a lot but the chassis and body was used from the kit. The cowl was narrowed by 4" (and the hood lengthened) in order to get the custom stacks I had made for the Stack8 EFI so that they stick out of the hood on the same slope as the hood...that took 1 man month of work alone. Interior is pretty custom as well...I've not seen another 427 replica like it and that was my goal.

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        []Joseph Frascati

        what's that? You want to give me a ride when?

        []Benja Dallas

        Kickass! See a lot with 44 IDAs but never efi/individual throttle bodies. Can't imagine how that thing must wail once it winds out!!

        []Annie Laughlin

        Gorgeous Cobra, Steve!!

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