I’ve always been interested in racing and driving fast but Autocross just didn’t appeal to me for some reason, I found, however, that an SCCA Region not far from me had rallycross. I took a risk taking my daily driver (2014 Ford Focus) to a couple of events and got hooked. I didn’t want to risk damaging my Focus since it was my only car so I started browsing local classifieds and Copart hoping to find a cheap car to use as the rally beater. I first found a blue 2009 Hyundai Accent and got it for a few hundred dollars. It came from Copart with a salvage certificate after a light front-end collision but the engine ran fine and the only notable damage was the hood and front bumper. While searching for replacement parts, I realized that what I was finding cost about as much as the whole car did; so I decided to look for a parts car instead of parts. That's when I found this silver 2008. It came with a clean title, but coming from Copart I figured that the engine was probably toast, so I thought this would be a great car to either swap the other engine into or swap the body panels onto the wrecked on. Lo and behold, when I got this car home, I realized that the engine was actually better than the blue car's. Despite having 215k miles, it is in amazing condition and will only need minor repairs. I have decided that it will be the primary car and I will be salvaging parts from the blue car as needed to keep this one alive. For racing, I'm building this for SCCA Rallycross and I plan to run in the Prepared FWD class for now. Modifications will be fairly light for the 2020 season since my budget is not very big and I want to stay within the Prepared class restrictions.

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