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On the week of the 2017 Formula DRIFT Finals, Super Street editors Sam Du and Jofel Tolosa pay a visit to the House of Drift in Irwindale, California. With Jhonnattan Castro as the instructor, Sam and Jofel had a friendly competition to see who could do the best controlled donuts while driving TRD Toyota 86s.

Samuel Du | Carlos Uriostegui - After five years of campaigning our supercharged, Rocket Bunny-kitted Scion FR-S to SEMA and other California car shows, editor-in-chief Sam Du and videographer Carlos Uriostegui take a our project "Ratchet Bunny" on an 1,100+mile road trip to the first-ever Wekfest Seattle car show. Special thanks to Continental Tire - - Wekfest Seattle 2017 CenturyLink Field Event Center Sunday, July 9th, 2017 -

The 24 Hours of Daytona (Rolex 24 At Daytona) is a 24-hour endurance race held annually at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. Super Street was there for the first time to watch and experience the event with the Michael Shank Racing team and their two Acura NSX GT3 race cars. Special thanks to Continental Tire. Editor-in-Chief: Sam Du Video: Carlos Uriostegui

Super Street Magazine's editor-in-chief Sam Du and videographer Carlos Uriostegui walk you through the sights and sounds of Super GT's Round 5 at Fuji Speedway.

Watch the premiere episode of Modified right now on Motor Trend OnDemand!

Modified premieres on Motor Trend OnDemand August 9! Modified will send hosts Matt Powers and Geoff Stoneback to hotbeds of the tuner market with a challenge - to find the hottest modified car in the city! Each host will take a different path on their search, whether its hanging out in the pits at a local motorsports event, touring the garages of legendary tuners and builders in the scene, or hanging out with some of the most influential

[]Robert Sixto

From a long time subscriber of the magazine, who was sad to see it go, I'm really happy to see Modified beginning a return in video format!

Proof that a proper Honda build knows no borders Once upon a time, any sort of engine-swapped ’88 to ’91-bodied Civic remained bound by the regions of the greater Los Angeles area. ZC engine transplants by way of fourth-generation Civic hatchbacks happened infrequently, and any sort of engine robbed from any second-generation Integra and stuffed inside one of those bays was even more unexpected. The pursuit of the engine swap was an elusive one, limited mostly to


[]Yves Vds

I have seen nicely tuned cars in Bangkok. This is a very nice example.

[]Sebastian Nounou

Fantastic build and direction. I’m about it.

[]Michael Langshaw

Another sweet ride. Great work, keep it going my friend

[]Chris Dirkschneider

Very nice write-up and photography!

[]Mister Modtomic

What an AMAZING article! Was this shot and written JUST for Wheelwell, because this smacks of Old School print tuner magazine quality. Great job and I (for one) would LOVE to see more like this on Wheelwell.

[]Mister Modtomic

...oh, duh. Guess I should have read who posted this! Still, THIS is what we ALL should be striving towards here!

[]Joost Van Dien

Great read and a nice build. Not over the top, clean and fast!

[]Gregory Garoppolo

Fantastic article! Very clean execution, and I appreciate the highlighting of car culture from distant lands. Thank you!

[]Kit Lau

Great post, always love see a clean ride like this when the mods are all put together so neatly.

Perhaps Long Beach was making up for the partial rainout of last year’s Formula DRIFT season opener, but they came out in masses this year, and almost all toughed it out to the bitter end. For attending, crowds were treated to a fantastic show and when cars weren’t sliding around Turns 9, 10, and 11 of the Grand Prix street course there was plenty else to see and do away from the bleachers. These events tend to be hubs

Garret Turbochargers The GTX3584RS is the only mid-frame turbocharger on the market capable of producing 550-1,000 horsepower for 2.0L - 5.5L engines. Advanced compressor wheel aerodynamics and a high-flowing housing optimize efficiency while the new turbine wheel and stainless steel turbine housings help decrease backpressure. Available in V-Band and hose connection outlet. MSRP:  $3,179 GReddy Performance Products, Inc. Significantly increase the response, predictability and power output of your turbocharged vehicle

[]Kit Lau

Awesome post

Finally, Lexus is giving the F Sport treatment to its flagship sedan. The 2018 Lexus LS500 F Sport will debut next week at the New York Auto Show. In the teaser photo Lexus released today, the performance-oriented model looks pretty much identical to the regular LS, except for the F Sport badging. Although there's not much to notice in the rear, the model should receive a unique grille and racing-inspired interior like other F Sport vehicles in the


[]Basir Khan

Can't wait for the reveal!

[]Brad McKelvie

I'll take 2.

The plan going in was simple: Buy a new, fun project car like the Scion FR-S and make more power. However, somewhere along the way, a change in plans takes place. A simple streetcar can snowball into something more glorious than what you could have ever imagined. Thanh Duc Giang, aka Twig, never dreamed his car would turn out this way, but last fall he had the opportunity to team up with Mark Arcenal of the Fatlace empire to

[]Sac Car Scene

Beautiful 86. You have done everything right on your car. Would love to be able to add a supercharger to mine. Do you think you will ever sell this car?

Forget the LaFerrari, P1, Regera, and 918. The real hybrid hypercars are those fielded in the World Endurance Championship. Here, both Toyota and Porsche dominate with their respective entries. Drastically different in terms of power units, these two teams want to challengeeach other in the most grueling endurance races ever devised, including the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans. And with the first race just around the corner—April 15 at Silverstone—both teams have released their 2017 race cars, detailing

As featured in Super Street Magazine! Here is Chris Forsberg's award-winning cars 280Z build.

On newsstands now: It’s the Japan issue! Tokyo Auto Salon overload, plus modified whips galore from the Land of the Rising Sun! Full issue preview here: Buy the issue here: Make sure you stay connected by subscribing: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Google+ – Website –

Super Street staff editors have a couple of pies and preview their latest issue dedicated to the cars, people and places from the Land of the Rising Sun. Feature cars? Tokyo Auto Salon? Late night drifting? We got you covered. Any way you slice it, it's pure JDM goodness! Full issue preview here: Buy the issue here: Make sure you stay connected by subscribing: Facebook –

Epic modify of INTEGRA TYPE R with Porsche GT3 RS influence at SEMA 2015 in LAS VEGAS! Editor Sam Du interviews Ryan Basseri of Rywire about his insane Type R build. Make sure you stay connected by subscribing: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Google+ – Website –

Think you've got the skills to run Pikes Peak? Super Street follows pro driver Rob Walker through his preparation and run in the Scion Racing FR-S at the 2015 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event. Read the whole story and check out photos here: Make sure you stay connected by subscribing: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Google+ – Website –

Actor Sung Kang ("Han" from the Fast and Furious movie franchise) in collaboration with Greddy Racing, preview the "FuguZ"--their 1973 Datsun 240Z race car--ahead of the 2015 SEMA Show. The car is just as comfortable on the road as it is on the track, featuring a reinforced chassis and custom rollcage, a wide-body kit from Rocket Bunny, adjustable coilovers from Techno Toy Tuning and a Nissan RB26 powerplant typically suited for the Skyline GT-Rs. Make sure you

Nothing to see here – just Super Street Editor-in-Chief Sam Du and Video Producer Max Frauchiger catching some random Toyota 86 ripping a smoky figure-8 on the street. Except this is no normal 86 (video contains some NSFW language). For more from Super Street in Japan for TAS 2016:

After hours drifting with Super Street, in country for the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016. Our hosts let us tag along as they made a sideways assault on mountain roads in Nissan Silvia, Toyota Soarer and Chaser, and others. We even ran into Formula D pro Matt Field, having the time of his life! For more from our Japan trip for TAS 2016:

This car is the first ND chassis Mazda MX-5 to rock the new Pandem widebody kit designed by Kei Miura of TRA Kyoto. Under the arches are RAYS TE37V wheels measuring 16x8-inches up front and 16x9.5-inches in the rear. This car is ridiculously slammed but Greddy tells us it’s on their suspension using stiff 5kg front and 3kg rear spring rates. Inside, you’ll notice the Bride VIOS III seats with Prodrive harnesses as well as a new prototype boost

Super Street Editor-in-Chief Sam Du has a few words with Garage G-Force about their time attack Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX. The car's been reworked from the ground up, aiming for maximum downforce with wider front and rear aero from Voltex. For more from TAS 2016 Day 1:

Super Street descends on the Fresh Tokyo car meet and learns how the locals beat paying highway tolls! Plus more poetry in motion from Silvia, Supras, and more! Photo gallery and info:

Super Street descends on the Fresh Tokyo car meet and has a few words with event organizer Jun from Hardcore Japan before cruising the show, a sea of Supra, S chassis, and so much more! Photo gallery and info:

Spend the first few moments with our team in Japan - Editor Sam Du, Staff Editor Joel Tolosa, and Video Producer Max Frauchiger - as they bounce from Narita and head to their first stop, the Fresh Tokyo car Meet, bumping into a pretty sweet Nissan S15 Silvia on the way!

Super Street Magazine is all about the personalization and performance enhancement of compact cars from Japan and the US. We dabble in JDM (lots of it), old school classics and have been known to feature some pretty tasty girls, too. Have you met our wacky staff?
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