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# 370z

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Jordan Shuster157 days ago

This basically a blizzard in Arkansas! #370z #SnowDays

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Jordan Shuster162 days ago

🔺Family don’t end in blood🔺 --------------- #NWAZ #toyota #scion #frs #toyota86 #subaru #brz #subiegang #nissan #370z #carsandcoffee

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Bryan Nichols206 days ago

This project took around 10 hours at the local “hobby shop” on a lift, with myself and my wife assisting the best she could. That estimate includes removing factory catalytic converters / exhaust, installing full aftermarket exhaust, changing both transmission and differential fluids, taking a break for lunch, running to the local auto parts store to rent a pilot bearing puller (I wrongly assumed the shop I was working in would have one on hand) and removing the transmission