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It’s a good morning for fog lights! And to enjoy the view of some sweet Audi’s from my garage. Note the C6 Audi A6, V8, riding on Rotiform wheels in the background. 😁 #teamwheelwell #forthebuild

Ameer Idelah7 days ago

So I haven’t been particularly active lately alot has been going on, but we changed the spark plugs on the wrx and found that 2 of the plugs were improperly gapped & cylinder 1’s was cracked and cylinder 4s was completely broken in half. For anyone curious the gap is supposed to be 0.030 2 were at 0.045/0.046 the other two were around the proper gap. Basically the shop who swapped my motor NEVER changed the spark plugs. So

Jordan Shuster7 days ago

Well, I didn’t exactly plan to replace the windshield so soon, but it seems the world had other plans. On my way home from work this past Tuesday, my loving boyfriend accidentally kicked up a rock on our way home and it found the edge of my windshield. The crack spread overnight, with the above picture having been taken on 10/10, in the morning. By the time Safelite got to it, it was significantly larger. As soon as they

Caleb Krebs19 days ago

The photographer I use, out did himself, however, the model in this session killed it! Look for yourself! #teamwheelwell #wheelwell #forthebuild

Sam Ryan19 days ago

How To - Remove a stock Engine from an E36 M3 Part 1 of 2 I embarked on the removal of the S52 out of the M3 this past weekend, and while this wasn't my first time doing an engine removal, it was my first time doing one solo. In college I helped one of my fraternity brothers swap out his failed S50 for an S52 in his M3, so I had some knowledge of what needed to

Caleb Krebs20 days ago

Here it is ladies and gents! Event review going down, well technically this is two events in one article, so you're getting a deal, but let's start this story from the beginning. First off, my sleep schedule, terrible because of working nights, so events that start at 9:30 in the morning, are usually pretty rare for me, however, I was up since 3:45 this morning, in prep for this show. Went to the car wash around 5:30 with my

Rob Roth21 days ago

So for the first time in my life, I will attempt to do something that literally thousands have done before me, and better. I am going to review a popular car. I am going to review the MK3 Ford Focus RS. I am not a journalist, a Vlogger, a YouTube personality, or even that literate, but I don’t care. As some may know, our MK7 Golf R met an unfortunate end. So in true Impulse Racing fashion, we tried

Dan Connors21 days ago

The Idea As a car enthusiast we’re always wishing that there could be more car related events but sometimes that just isn’t the case. Why is that? Well most people are just waiting for someone else to be the one to set something up. Whether you want to get a couple local car guys together, be a part of the biggest car show in the state, or you want to get your car to the local drag strip you can

Jordan Shuster22 days ago

🔺Today my man finally got the car he’s been dreaming about, and we can’t stop smiling!🔺 --------------- #teamwheelwell #forthebuild #tww

Jordan Bruno23 days ago

No matter how involved I’d like to be in my local car seen, it’s hard to find time amongst the daily grind that is life. Luckily for me, and those of us that live in Virginia, we have a handful of tracks, several autocross locations, and many car show events. This got me thinking, as a part of my team Wheelwell contribution; what if I traveled to each of these events and shared a little of my experience at

Craig Moody28 days ago

The esteemed veteran and political forerunner, James McMillan would say it today. I think I can prove it, so buckle up, and hang on. Firstly: The following is the expressed opinion and view of the writer, and not WheelWell Co. Or the governing administration. As such there might be grammatical errors, political incorrectiveness, and general lack of common courtesy. The writer means no ill-will and is generally to be referred to as not all-that-bright, or just plain stupid. If this

Ameer Idelah29 days ago

Took this last week #subaru #wrx #sti #teamwheelwell #forthebuild

Ameer Idelah29 days ago

Not the best week for me or my car... Probably not gonna be posting as often for a lil while. I've been burning myself out mentally and physically working on this thing every night for the past 3 months and it seems to have finally caught up with me. So I'm gonna take a break from it for a while. Time to take a step back, re-evaluate & focus up on other things. In the mean time I may

Justin Kababik29 days ago

For medical reason, I haven't been able to drive this summer. It's rather tough being a car guy and having to be shuttled all over the place. There's a real lack of freedom, living in the suburbs and not having a car. It did give me some additional time to work on Redfive. I flushed the brake system, upgraded the radiator and cooling fans, replaced seals on the engine, replaced refrigerant lines, reorganized how the

Jacqueline Huang32 days ago

So I’ve been borrowing a friend’s Hero5 Session for a while because he’s out of town, and I told myself, if I consistently use it for those three months, I’ll buy myself one. Well, those three months are up and it’s time to find my own Action Cam. Upon conferring with other track enthusiasts, I got a large varying assortment of answers on the best camera, on the scale of $150-$1000+. I decided to set some guidelines, to narrow

Ameer Idelah34 days ago

Finally done with this crap and got the new brackets and pads on... a broken ratchet, swivel, 2 broken brackets and a week later anyway... again always check the work any shop does on your car. I’m legitimately never taking my car to a shop again for anything unless it’s for something severe. #subaru #wrx #teamwheelwell #forthebuild

Ameer Idelah35 days ago

#subaru #wrx #photography #forthebuild #teamwheelwell

Ameer Idelah36 days ago

Figured I’d get some pics of the car with the new banner on.. then it turned into my attempt at a photoshoot for the car 😂 wish I i did this after detailing the car but oh well enjoy my attempt at getting good pics of the WRX.. I might start doin this more often #subaru #wrx #teamwheelwell #forthebuild

Ameer Idelah36 days ago

Finally nice and clean #subaru #wrx #teamwheelwell #forthebuild

Kal Fortner36 days ago

It’s finally here, my write up on Gridlife South! This was my first time ever at Road Atlanta, so I did not know exactly what to expect. I had done lap after lap on Forza with my car but Forza cannot prepare you for the immense scale of this track! The elevation change alone is somewhat shocking to say the least. Turn 12 is like driving off of a cliff where your only hope of making it though fast

Justin Kababik43 days ago

A couple weeks ago, a friend messaged me and asked if I’d mind holding on to a car for him for a couple days. My friend, who’s raced with me in the past, currently owns a high-end performance shop and has some very cool cars that he takes care of. He sent me a link to a Jay Leno’s garage episode that featured the exact car that would be at my house. I’ll give you a

Jordan Shuster44 days ago

Hi everyone! Back with another review - this time, it’s a truck. I’ve owned several cars throughout my life, the biggest of which was a mid-sized SUV, the Xterra (and the Ford Escape, but that thing lasted no longer than a month). I never really had the need for a larger vehicle, since my dad owned a Dodge Mega Cab and had a small covered trailer that he helped me move into college with. This past

Justin Kababik45 days ago

I’m honored to have been selected for Team Wheelwell and I’m looking forward to sharing a number of stories and insights, but first I want to give you some background on me. Afterall, where am i coming from? I’ll start by saying that I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. Quite a few of the “hot” cars of that time, I either got to ride in, drive, or idolize. I loved cars so much that I

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