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Matt Heeley3 days ago

Last year I went to the Speed academy lapping day at Toronto Motorsports Park, and it was a really great time. This year it's on Aug 25th! Other than knowing Ken with the Rx7, I don't have any affiliation with them. It was just a really fun lapping day, no run groups, just go have fun and meet people. If you want a really relaxed experience, and have done lapping before, I highly recommend it. Here's

Caleb Krebs4 days ago

Before this weekend I had never been to a large car event, yeah I had been to cars and coffee, regular car meets, but a car show like this? Never. As I've said before I recently started diving into the car scene, I didn't have that kind of upbringing, we didn't work on our own cars, we paid mechanics, but hey, I'm learning and this is all part of that learning experience. That being said, this is how this

Caleb Krebs6 days ago

I honestly can't get enough. I can't wait for the next time I go!! And one of my favorite cars! Did a killer job! #teamwheelwell #wheelwell #forthebuild

Having track withdrawals. Who am I going to see at Thunderhill on the 26th with @ongridtrack I never managed to record times last time because my phone was having issues, but I’m excited to see how I will do. =============================== #track #teamwheelwell #miata

Caleb Krebs7 days ago

I need more builds and such to follow on instagram! So drop your Instagram names or go follow me @ _dusktreader_ and I'll follow your guy's builds!! #teamwheelwell #wheelwell #forthebuild

Ameer Idelah10 days ago

I’m late on the review but I have to say this has been one of the best mods I could have ever bought for this car. It eliminates almost all of the boost lag problems that come with owning an older wrx. If you’re like me and you have an 02-05 wrx you may or may not know that there is a 3rd cat in your up factory pipe. Nobody knows why it’s there. It’s only on

Ameer Idelah10 days ago

I’m late on the review but I have to say this has been one of the best mods I could have ever bought for this car. It eliminates almost all of the boost lag problems that come with owning an older wrx. If you’re like me and you have an 02-05 wrx you may or may not know that there is a 3rd cat in your up factory pipe. Nobody knows why it’s there. It’s only on

Caleb Krebs13 days ago

Now this was a good day. Drag strip, friends, cars, pictures. Great freaking day. #teamwheelwell #wheelwell #forthebuild

Ameer Idelah14 days ago

I just spent 10 hours on this up pipe install. And I am just getting home to finally get a few hours sleep. Although the uppipe removal sucked most of this time was spent because the shop who swapped my engine and did my catback.. used WAY TOO MUCH exhaust cement to hold my catback together with the already rusted and corroded stock mid pipe .... and they also apparently lost a bolt to the exhaust and just hammered

Ameer Idelah15 days ago

Here goes nothing #forthebuild #subaru #teamwheelwell #grimmspeed

Caleb Krebs17 days ago

You ever sell a car, or give a car to a sibling, or just get rid of a car for some reason. Then you look back and realize, you really wish you wouldn't have gotten rid of that car? I do. #teamwheelwell #wheelwell #forthebuild

Robert Sixto18 days ago

What happens when you report your own post? I ask because I find myself constantly reporting my own posts when trying to edit, since it's the option below edit on a very small mobile pull down. Hopefully it recognizes I wouldn't want to report myself, but I had been curious. #teamwheelwell #techsupport

Sam Ryan18 days ago

The General Motors Gen III small block V8, commonly referred to as the LS series of engines, encompasses a broad range of displacements and configurations. The original LS1 came equipped in the C5 generation Corvette and later the fourth generation Camaro and Trans Am (F-Body). These engines are all aluminum and came mated to either a T56 6 speed manual or a 4-speed automatic. The Camaro/Trans Am drivetrain is preferred for swaps since the Corvette used

Sam Ryan18 days ago

An Introduction into my latest project. My current project car is one that I have wanted since they were being sold new back in the 1990s. I purchased a last year of production, relatively low volume spec 1999 BMW M3 5spd coupe, better known as the E36 M3, in Cosmos Schwarz Metallic over Sandbeige. I lusted after this generation M3 since its release but I locked onto my affinity for the car when one of

Jordan Shuster18 days ago

Radar Detectors are an enthusiasts' best friend, especially when living in town. Recently, my local PD held a weekend "campaign" where they increased patrols to catch speeders. While this was great for, say, residential areas and the middle of town, it made interstate travelers weary - everyone knows that the REAL I-49 speed limit is somewhere around 85. Thankfully, I've had a radar detector to keep me on my toes. I've been using the same radar detector

Rob Roth19 days ago

When I got the Abarth, I knew that while it was quite a good setup for a stock vehicle, it had the potential to be improved on. Naturally these days, turbo cars can achieve rather large gains over the stock tunes for a fair amount of money. In stock form, the Fiat 500 Abarth makes 157hp and 183tq. The factory tune is about what you’d expect, smooth power delivery and a slight hint of lag from the tiny little

Kal Fortner19 days ago

This past weekend I was apart of one of the coolest car shows I have ever been to. This show was put on by a couple companies including one of my sponsors, Stay Ill Clothing, with the intention of raising money to help individuals with PTSD. Other than the show having a good cause, it had to have been one of, if not the best venue I have ever been to with a car show. It was actually

Jordan Bruno20 days ago

It should be noted that the following discussion of tires and fitment only applies to ninth generation TWO WHEEL DRIVE F150s. Okay, lets talk tires. At this point, I don’t feel like I need to go on some long drawn out explanation of how important tires are and the importance of selecting the tire that most fits your demands. In fact, lets take a moment to talk practically. As of very recently it seems like everyone wants to try

Landon Jurgens21 days ago

Intro/overview For the uninitiated, the idea of taking a couple days to stay in the North Carolina backcountry with a bunch of other car owners may sound like it could get really dull really quick, but when you throw some of the craziest Datsun, Nissan, and Infiniti cars in along with a bonkers community, you have a recipe for some of the most fun you can have. ZDayz has been around for years, and this year I finally had the

Later this year I have plans to move forward again on my car build. This time I’m finally getting around to adding coilovers, along with other suspension hardware, to make a full and proper coilover install. However, I’m reaching an impasse with my car, something possibly other enthusiasts reach from time-to-time. After this small build, should I keep going or call the build finished and look for a new car? I feel in my case it might be a

Craig Moody26 days ago

Wheel-mates, we have a problem, the art of cone dodging is dying! I am bringing that up knowing full well we are long into the summer season and yes while we have very few weekends and school is out, we have time for vacations, the beach is sublime. (the sun here has been a paltry 90 but that breeze is so good.. sorry stale air states) But I have been witnessing a downward trend of the past years! More

Jordan Bruno28 days ago

I'm in Nashville for the day. Anybody want to show me some good local food spots and talk cars? #teamwheelwell

Jeff Bowman31 days ago

Modding a Subaru..... Where do I start? So you just bought a Subaru. Congratulations! You’ve just joined one of the fastest growing car communities in the world! Presumably, if you’re curious about mods, you’ve either bought a WRX, STI, or BRZ. If that assumption is not correct, it will be covered in a different article. However, you may find some universal Subaru tips and tricks in the following paragraphs that will help you as well. In this article, I’m

I’ve been living in my new place for a couple of months now and it’s the first place that I’ve had free reign of a full garage and driveway. I still enjoy it, and th view when I open up in the morning. :-) #teamwheelwell #forthebuild

Maggie Johnson33 days ago

Happy to be part of such an amazing team🤘🏼 not to mention this is probably my new favorite T-shirt💓 #wheelwell #forthebuild #teamwheelwell

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