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Steve Clasen9 hours ago

I have an old 1997 Subaru Legacy that gets driven 400 miles per year on the track and another 4000 miles on the street. Track handling is my top priority for this car and am just adding final odds and ends. I'm looking for opinions from people who have run solid engine mounts and/or solid transmission mounts. I don't lean towards quiet or comfy as my interior is stripped but would this be too harsh for the street? I

So while I had a racing livery in mind for Project 22 1NA B, I have decided to change it a little as I've decided to do what a father should do, when he can. I have more vinyl coming in and with the upcoming car show and racing season, I plan on doing more than just car stuff! Stand by for images of the new livery to come once I get it complete!

Justin Cavallucci16 hours ago

When changing your air box filter, if you have any debris or rocks inside, clean the airbox out with a vacuum before inserting your new filter. Don't risk letting one get inside your engine!

Antoni Dabrowski19 hours ago

What air fresheners are you guys rocking?

Hayden Baker1 day ago

Drive something fun to work if you can

#Tuning #Boost #Wideband #Gauges I'm looking to get a little more serious about doing this tuning thing and I'm looking in to getting a wideband gauge to help dial in my settings. What do you guys run for a wideband gauge? How much did it cost? What's your opinion of it? Are there any other gauges I should consider getting?

Robert Sixto1 day ago

So, I'm planning a drive out to Denver, CO in late March. My question is, will it be too soon to throw my summer wheels/tires for the drive? I suspect it's too soon, knowing that we've gotten snow in Chicago as late as April, but wondering if the conditions are any better in that region?

Joshua Chadd1 day ago

Has anyone bought anything off this site before? How do you pick out the ones that are for your car? It just has a list of a hundred of them but it doesn't say the dimensions or specs or what they're for

How does one decide which direction to go in, while sorting out an interior? How much comfort does one sacrifice to have a sporty feel? Please follow along with me here. If you make the interior more comfortable won't you spend more time in your build? The point of the build, is to enjoy it as much as possible right? Even if you're going to say it's a track build, the more comfortable it is the more likely you

Juan Rosales 1 day ago

Anyone know any good rims for a miata(4 lug)

Rick Lawrence2 days ago

A little restoration work for those who are interested. Subscribe to my channel if you haven't already! https://youtu.be/6gOHOJeIe1s

Brandon Marquis2 days ago

Not a lot of Porsche owners here, but I've got a question for the Porsche community. Looking to buy a new OEM dual mass flywheel from the Internet, but Suncoast doesn't sell them for some reason. I found some random dealer sites that sell it for 20% off like an Annapolis Dealer parts site: https://parts.porscheofannapolis.com/oem-parts/porsche-flywheel-9g211401222 but I'm suspect. Is this site legit? Anyone know of a reputable site to buy one new?

Particularly when working with power tools, tape is your friend. I use my random orbit buffer to clean upholstery, clean carpets, and to wax and buff paint. What I don't want is to buff my plastic trim, run a carpet brush over my wood trim, or other activities that result in light marring of trim surfaces. Cumulatively these mild abrasive traumas cause trim to loose its luster, if not develop outright scratches. This is why tape is your friend.

#ToolboxTuesday #Discussion #Photography With the weather starting to turn nice here more chances are coming to take some great photos. What sort of camera/video equipment do you use for photo shoots or taking videos?

I love seeing old Automotive advertisements that show a brand wasn't quite what they are now! Subaru is a good example of this, if you read the very bottom line. This is because for today's generations they see Subaru as being All-Wheel Drive and just a few years back had a lot of people wondering why Subaru would build a RWD car... Well, Subaru wasn't always an AWD company.... Anyone else every look at the old advertisements from

Jon Dagata4 days ago

I'm thinking about plastidiping my Celica. Anyone have experience doing an entire car kit themselves?

Tom Armstrong4 days ago

I’ve pondered the idea of sending my 2-4 gear sets out for cryo when I install the LSD, just in case I decide to turbo in the future. But, I’ve never seen a Toyota trans explode so I’m not sure it’s even needed.....thoughts?

What should I do next ? (Aesthetically)

Matt Patrick5 days ago

Hey guys. I'm looking for the best cams for my 2004 mach 1. I'm not looking to make a lot of power, just sound good and feel good.

I went to advanced auto today to pick up some vacuum line for the wastegate, boost controller, boost gauge, and blow off valve. Has anyone used car quest vacuum lines?

Vince M7 days ago

Any suggestions on new wheels? Stock rims are 15 and tire size is 205/70r15. I want a wider set of tires for this boat but I want it to look right.

I miss the days of cool hood ornaments, but todays modern standard of company emblems, there are a few that are cool; for instance the Fiat Abarth Scorpion! Which company emblems do you think are cool and why?

Work, work, aggghhhh..... some areas are harder to apply vinyl than others!

Listed a few parts for sale to make room in my new place and I have been selling them off like crazy! Didn't know there was such demand for parts 70-90% off 😆 just have a few things left after a bulk buyer comes to pick up some stuff later today ☠️. Temporarily I will have no passenger seat on my car but it doesn't drive so whatever hahahaha. Go dig around your garage and list some things. You'll

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