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Andrew Esquivel1 hour ago

Is forced induction a bad idea on an aluminium engine block? its a 4G64 SOHC

Chandler Ford6 hours ago

Had to swap back to stock bulbs because the HIDs I had were too much pain for what they were worth. Looking for other alternatives. What do y’all suggest?

Jennifer Leung6 hours ago

Took the bb out for a drive 😜 #advice #mazda #carporn #newmod #intro

Andrew Esquivel7 hours ago

So here is what the power stop Z23 pads and drilled slotted rotors looked like after 15 days and normal driving. https://youtu.be/6hlK81gxe7U

Rav Barring14 hours ago

Owning an M5 is a costly experience. I've never been cheap or cut corners with mine. I can see why other people who own these beasts may be more than frugal with keeping the integrity of the car intact. This M5 is currently off the road. Drive shaft or transmission makes a grinding clicking noise and it misfires at random. Paint is sun scorched. Soooooo.... After spending over $20,000 on it in 2016

Let me tell you about something called, Defensive Driving and no I didn’t get into an accident but I am a witness. A high school boy was weaving in and out of vehicles, going extremely fast down Metcalf. I saw him coming behind me...all the cars in front of me were stopped due to rush hour. I moved out of the way as soon as possible and he rear ended this car. Please be aware of your surroundings especially

Tony Burnette1 day ago

https://youtu.be/gV5_wgA0q0I I Know That I'm Late On This One But I Had To Still Make It. Be Safe Out There Guys!!!

Roddy Koberg1 day ago

What is your opinion of driving spiritedly on the street? I feel like as car people we will all exceed the speed limit in the pursuit of fun, but what about practicing drifting or pushing your limits on back roads? I think its okay as long as you are safe about it and make sure no one is around and you can avoid property damage

Rebuilding one side of the steering rack.

Help me choose the best course of action. I have decided to go FlexFuel in my Civic but I’m not sure whether I should tune it myself or drive 125mi to somewhere and put it on a dyno. I have an EFI-U certificate lol but idk wtf I’m doing really. The car has Hondata S300 V3, and an analog wideband input. It uses a GM FlexFuel sensor so there is no other necessary hardware. I have FIC 775cc injectors

Roddy Koberg2 days ago

What do you use the left lane on the high way for? Are you the kind of person that will only be in the left lane if you are actively passing someone or are you sitting there until you come up to your exit? I have my own personal opinion but I want to hear the reasoning behind other peoples driving habits.

Andrew Esquivel2 days ago

What your opinion on street racing? To me, it feels irresponsible and might be giving the car community a negative image. If you want to drive fast, take it to the track. At least that's how I feel. Surely I'm not alone in this?

Andrew Esquivel3 days ago

this is the color skeem of the Outlander I have. I want to add color accents in places like brake calipers, mud flaps, etc. I wanted to do yellow, but I want to know what colors you guys think would fit this grey well, and what parts should be what color

Roddy Koberg3 days ago

What is the best way to get into road racing as someone with no experience at all? Other than playing Forza I have never had the chance to be on a track and I feel like its something I would love!

Brandon Dubose4 days ago

https://www.facebook.com/BDRacingDevelopment/posts/467490733695104 #advice

John Perkins5 days ago

Hi all - any votes for your fav wheels on the E46 M3? I know a lot of people like Apex Arc-8 - what do you think? Stock 19"s above...

Alex Bennett5 days ago

How much power can the ej20 handle on the stock motor ? #ej20 #subaru #ej25 #tunning #subaruwrxsti

#Racing #Wrenching I like to listen to podcasts while I'm at work or going on long road trips and I noticed that there aren't a ton of podcasts about automotive stuff, specifically racing. I was wondering if there were any good ones that I haven't found out about yet. I already listen to the "Wrench Every Day" podcast from Tavarish and I know of The Smoking Tire's podcast but not many others. What are some good automotive and racing podcasts

Sac Car Scene6 days ago

If you are like me, I tend to pick a day where I will be lifting my car to do multiple jobs on it. Such as Oil change,check and replenish fluid levels, wheel rotation, check exhaust system for rattles or leaks, clean and inspect my coil overs etc. I like doing a day of maintenance rather then constantly having my car on jacks or multiple days of working on my car. Do any of you follow

Cory Ivins6 days ago

Wondering if wrapping my cold air intake with GOOD gold heat shield tape will actually help keep air temps down or not. Thoughts?

Robert Sixto6 days ago

I went from big shot, red circle having, thousands of points having hero, to a lowly yellow circle with only several hundred points. Ah well, it was a glorious reign while it lasted. :P

Michael Duncan6 days ago

What makes your mod score go down?

Tom Humburg6 days ago

Just bought a 1995 Mitsubishi 3000gt (non-turbo) so that I could get into the sports car world and not get the expensive tickets yet. When replacing the wheel studs I destroyed the tie-rod end and bottom ball joint (pickle fork.... Don't use them). Got everything back together and realized that the coil overs do not seem to be doing anything. I swear I swallowed a crown rolling out of the drive way, and the first uneven pavement I made

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