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I recently had this 2012 BMW 528i (f10) referred to me from a local dealer. The complaint? Bad timing chain guide rail. However, this one took it one step further. Watch my video, I was able to save this one. https://youtu.be/evDp_cPhFxU #guides #advice #BMW #N20 #timingchain #BMW528 #BMW328 #BMWX3

Fellow FSI owners, do yourselves a favor and check those cam followers!

Cory Zimmerman6 days ago

There's nothing better than driving a manual v8 to make any day better #racecar #v8 #mustang #fordracing #ford #itsaford #sn95 #mustanggt #msd #kooksheaders #dssracing #t56 #363 #moneypit #roadracer #gasguzzler #smilespergallon

Alex Bennett6 days ago

I'm looking for a 2 step system for my SRT4 I'm looking for one that will make my car sound like an AK-47 any suggestions ? #srt4 #ak47mod #antilag #2step #dodgesrt4 #srt4 #help #advice #newmod

Andrew Esquivel7 days ago

So I need to chose a battery for my rally car. Needs to be good for tons of abuse, and i'll be running tons of lights for the night runs. Recommend me a good battery. running in a 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander

Zachery Thum11 days ago

I got a few things happening to my e39 528i 2000, and I’ve got a few codes coming up and wanted to see if anyone could help me out. The codes are p0304, p0305, p0300, (due to the two first ones) and the newest p1250. And if you don’t know what they are it goes misfire in cylinder 4 and 5 and lack of power to fuel pressure regulator control solenoid. The misfires has been happening for the past

Kiba Busha12 days ago

Can somebody tell me how to fix pegged glowshift gauges? Im mainly worried about the wideband my usb adapter has a voltmeter and the boost gauge is mechanical

Who can name this legendary piece of art? #AE86 #Toyota COMMENT IF YOU KNOW!

Andrew Esquivel14 days ago

Guys, i need some help on finalizing a set up for new gravel tires and rally wheels. -------------------- This is my stock OEM set up OEM Product ID: ALY65790 Product: Wheel/Rim Material: Aluminum Style: 5 Spoke Finish: Powder Coat Silver Size: 16x6 Lugs: 5 Bolt Pattern: 4.5 Inch Offset: 46mm Indents: MR961466 https://www.hubcaphaven.com/p/1212/aly65790-mitsubishi-outlander-wheel-silver-painted.html -------------------------- This is what I want to go to 15x6 40mm offset 5x114.3 bolt pattern 67.1 bore http://www.rm-autosports.com/team-dynamics-pro-rally-15x6/ 205/65R15 https://shop.maxxis.com/c/automotive_victra-r19?action_type=switch_product&selected_cat_keys=12015.1103336.0.0.0&selected_product=ccb5fd7fc483a74151c260e783865b78&redirected_post=1 ----------------- This is calculated fit using the stock suspention, which i plan to eventually upgrade to Gravel Rally sepcs, which means they will be a bit beefy-er. This offset

What is everyones thoughts on the new 2019 Toyota Supra #Debate #LetsTalk #Toyota #Supra

Kyle SVT16 days ago


Michael Jobusch19 days ago

I hope she’s completely restored - I’m still waiting.

Tom Armstrong19 days ago

The one tip I give all the young techs is to get certified regularly. Anyone can turn a wrench, and some people can only pass tests...be that guy that makes very little mistakes and helps everyone.

Cory Zimmerman20 days ago

Looking for a proper dash cam to record weekend drives. Does anyone know of a quality make? #roadracer #sn95 #mustang #mustanggt #fordracing #ford #itsaford #monepit #becauseracecar #363 #t56 #t56swap

Kit Lau21 days ago

I have a ‘14 hybrid Infiniti and for some stupid reason it wont start. I know it’s not dead battery because I didn’t leave a light on or anything and when I did try to turn it on the lights and AC all work fine. Here’s the thing: it is Push to start and the damn steering wheel is locked. Can anyone help or suggest what I should try before I call aaa and tow my newb ass to

Jeff Bowman24 days ago

New Subaru owners.... what do you want to know??

Jake Tindall25 days ago

I own a 2007 Charger srt8 I’m thinking about porting the intake manifold and putting a 90 mm bbk throttle body on it. Would you say it’s worth the money?

Will Hoffman26 days ago

I know that today’s vehicles are far superior to the vehicles of the past, but the best driving experiences I’ve ever had are in old vehicles. There’s something about the simplicity of the whole thing. I love all the rattles and lack of insulation. I love the feeling of the wood steering wheel and the fact I can make a quarter turn before anything happens. Feeling the immediate throttle response of a carburetor and the torque of a good-old

Ameer Idelah28 days ago

Friendly reminder to everyone to be humble. Taking pride in your build is one thing, but going around and bragging that your car is built & not bought makes you look like a giant douche. Especially if you didn’t do the work yourself. Then it’s twice as bad. I overheard some guy bragging about how his Camaro was built & not bought and I asked him what he did to it and he said he bought it with everything

Craig Moody31 days ago

The esteemed veteran and political forerunner, James McMillan would say it today. I think I can prove it, so buckle up, and hang on. Firstly: The following is the expressed opinion and view of the writer, and not WheelWell Co. Or the governing administration. As such there might be grammatical errors, political incorrectiveness, and general lack of common courtesy. The writer means no ill-will and is generally to be referred to as not all-that-bright, or just plain stupid. If this

Joshua Safran32 days ago

What brand and style of headlights are ultimately recommended for the ‘15 tC? LED, HID... Diode, GTR Lighting...?

A friend of mine asked ; why do you have a downpipe in your living room?  Me ; it’s called modern art bro #carstuff #carguy

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