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Tony Burnette4 days ago

It's Tho Back Thursday Yall!! #advice

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Nikolas Sinkola8 days ago

So, I have been trying to post updates to any of vehicles for over a month now and nothing. I have stripped out most of the rest. Some repairs needed. Doors look good otherwise. Floor pan is in great shape.

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Tony Burnette11 days ago

#advice Don't play ya self and go check out the new video!!

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Steve McIntyre13 days ago

Well it has finally gone! My engine has given up the ghost! I am looking for a reasonable way to make good power with out breaking the bank.

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Guys i need your help, i own a '98 honda civic and i want to swap the drum brakes for disk brakes. This because the engine swap in the future. The wheelhub and brake components are part of the trailing arm, i can remove the drum brake and use a ebay kit with a bracket to install a disk and caliper. In mine opinion cheap ebay parts are not the way to go. Lucky for me Honda use the

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Tony Burnette18 days ago


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Tony Burnette22 days ago

I know yall FEEL me on this one!!! #advice #carparts

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AJ Amor25 days ago

Not a fan of the stock OEM chrome wheels. What’s a good set of nice looking wheels that won’t break the bank? 20” preferably don’t wanna get new tires yet

Lang Armean27 days ago

1970 Torino 2D HT acquired in a trade that was originally started as a cobra clone, but I prefer to dress it up as something completely custom rather than clone it

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Maria Marsili31 days ago

Looking for a Jeep Wagoneer style car for a shoot this weekend near Sequoia National Park. Something like this... Anyone got any leads?