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Joshua Safran5 hours ago

I’m going to try to make this post short as possible so... Looking to increase performance of 15 tC mods include: Dezod Green Header GReddy RS Catback Injen CAI Question is: what more can I do for performance without going full turbo?

#Movies #TeamWheelwell #ForTheBuild We're all familiar with the standard car movies like The Fast and The Furious, Gone in 60 Seconds, and The Italian Job but what I'm interested in finding is the more obscure and B-rate stuff. My personal favorite B-rate car movie is "Death Race 2000" from 1975 starring David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone. It's about a Gumball rally style race across the country where the objective is to rack up as many points as possible by hitting

Ian Casement9 hours ago

Lines look good from the back of the SE and the wheels fit well but I have had a couple of niggly scrapes from the wheels in the arches. After inspecting the tyres fitted to the 17″ rims I find I have 235/45 on the front and 225/45 on the rears. The scrapes I have had have been from the rear off side after bottoming into a dip and theres scrapes on full lock from the fronts when reversing. Also,

Kwann Taylor1 day ago

So I got some MB Battles from my friend that I want to put on the R34 but the wheels has seen better days.... so had some lessons on how to clean up some curb damage and looking a little bit better. Wheels will be power coated and soon put on the car.

#Travel #Vacation #TeamWheelwell #ForTheBuild With my vacation only 2 weeks away I thought it would be interesting to get some input on what sort of "automotive destinations" are absolute must see items for gearheads. While I'll be going to Phoenix, Arizona I'm interested in seeing suggestions from literally all over the world. What are your must see places for car culture?

CJ Tallentire1 day ago

I need to change my wheels... looking a rotas but black or white? Helllpp!

Craig Moody4 days ago

So I will open with a Disclaimer: The following is the expressed opinion and view of the writer, and not WheelWell Co. Or the governing administration. As such there might be grammatical errors, political incorrectiveness, and general lack of common courtesy. The write means no ill-will and is generally to be referred to as not all that bright, or just plain stupid. If this upsets you then, please refer to your local safe space and get the hell off my

Josh Lavender4 days ago

Update: put the new axle on my car and it broke immediately I waited 4 hours for AAA 100 feet from my house on a busy road and now I’m returning it to the company and getting another one from ECS. Moral of the story fuck partsgeek.com

Ian Buchanan6 days ago

#drifting #BMW #E28 #USDrift This weekend I took my US Drift E28 out on track for the first time in the last 9 months of building it from the ground up. (Big thank you to Team O’Neil and ISC Suspension for setting the event up!) One big issue I need to drill into my head and wish to instill in others new to the sport; check and play with your tire pressures! My low powered Volvo 240 drift chassis ran

Maggie Johnson7 days ago

Best friends jeep👌🏼 I need an interior kit for my car but I never know where to find them that they’re not outrageously priced😩 #help #advice

If I want big boost between 3,500-4,500 RPM in an LS6, what size turbos would you recommend if I use the sequintual method? I want to turbocharge my LS6 swapped 1986 Chevrolet Camaro, but don't know what size.

Alex Bennett8 days ago

What’s the best place to find cars with salvage or rebuild titles? #salvagetitle #rebuilttitle #cheap

Ian Casement9 days ago

I'm thinking of switching the wheels on my 9-3 to these Anniversary versions. What do people think? Stick with the same years 202 wheels or add these 2008's?

Michael Jobusch9 days ago

Just got my car back from having a driveline noise checked out, and got the gear oil switched over to BG, and did the oil change with AMSoil. S550 owners with manual equipped cars: get the BG! Shifts are so much smoother!

#DIY #Newmod #TeamWheelwell #ForTheBuild As I'm slowly planning out the overhaul and upgrade of my 525i I started tossing around the idea of getting an underdrive or lightweight pulley set. I figured that if I'm going to be tearing that deep into the car and plan to start taking it to track days that I might as well upgrade some things if I'm replacing them anyway. I can get the lightweight pulley kit for around $100 or the underdrive kit

Robert Sixto9 days ago

A proper tune and many trips to redline later, I'm happy to say my little 13b is spinning happily and pulling strong! Feels good after putting so much time, effort and of course money into it. Having rebuilt it myself, and the first time rebuilding a rotary, I had plenty of anxiety about how it would hold up. One improvement I'd like to make, is to cooling of the boost. This little OE top mount does an admirable job

Hayden Baker9 days ago

Finding 1/2 ID aluminum pipe is proving difficult...anyone got suggestions? I need like 1 maybe two feet of it

Yves Vds10 days ago

I am looking for a car mount for my phone. Which ones are you guys using?

Ameer Idelah11 days ago

I just spent 10 hours on this up pipe install. And I am just getting home to finally get a few hours sleep. Although the uppipe removal sucked most of this time was spent because the shop who swapped my engine and did my catback.. used WAY TOO MUCH exhaust cement to hold my catback together with the already rusted and corroded stock mid pipe .... and they also apparently lost a bolt to the exhaust and just hammered

The P.O. was not very good at parking, or driving (or both). Wheels had significant curb damage, and the front-right was bent. The original contis were on their last life. One was replaced with a chinaman alternative. Ditched the Contis for Pirelli P7 Cinturatos 👌🏽 These things are incredible. Rims were straightened, and refinished. Ready for primetime... #newmod, #carporn, #advice,

Ameer Idelah12 days ago

The tuning process has begun. I’m letting my friend Dave tune it as he’s experienced in this. I won’t be tuning anything until I’m confident enough that I know what I’m doing. For anyone interested in buying from Cobb I will tell you this. If you do not plan on using the OTS maps you will have to pay an additional $150 for cobbs EFIU courses. Which are lengthy and very annoying. The accessport is installed and the tuning

#DIY #2003 #BMW #525i #ProjectCar #TeamWheelwell #ForTheBuild https://www.ebay.com/itm/62-MM-ALUMINUM-RADIATOR-BMW-E39-740i-750i-M5-Z8-525i-528i-530i-99-2006/263677402927?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 I'm currently in the process of collecting parts to overhaul the cooling system on my BMW and decided that since I may take it to the track in the future that I should not just replace, but upgrade whatever parts I can to make sure that they can take the abuse. I found a well known brand that sells them for nearly $1200 but that is way out of the price range for me. So

Robert Sixto15 days ago

What happens when you report your own post? I ask because I find myself constantly reporting my own posts when trying to edit, since it's the option below edit on a very small mobile pull down. Hopefully it recognizes I wouldn't want to report myself, but I had been curious. #teamwheelwell #techsupport

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