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Rented a truck off turo for $50 and trailer for $60 ans tower Stacey to my uncles barn/house for temporary storage until I can work out somewhere to store long term while I am in training for the navy. Felt so sad leaving her so far away, but the move is only temporary...

Robert Sixto4 hours ago

Really, really, really itching to get some racing/autocrossing in, and just generally missing driving the FC. Forza Motorsports 7 just isn't scratching the itch today. Plus the events are even fun to shoot. Come on spring! #chicagocarlife

Ismael Esparza8 hours ago

#scionfrs #carporn

Robert Sixto10 hours ago

Thought my Wheelwell folks might appreciate this one. Some of the most fun stuff at the Chicago Auto Show is in these little sideshows. This wild custom car is from a local collector, the Klairmont Kollection. #chicagocarlife

Love this pic 😍❤️❤️❤️

Haris Bijedic1 day ago

I was fortunate enough to get Media Passes for the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. I had an absolutely amazing time and this is my coverage of the vehicles I got a chance to look at. Hope you enjoy. https://youtu.be/ii7yGnQqVRw #fullthrottleauto #fullthrottle #chicagoautoshow #thechicagoautoshow #nissan #mercedes #porsche #ford #gtr #gt2rs #shelby #raptor #fordraptor #nissangtr #mercedesamggtr #porschesgt2rs #bmw #lexuslc500 #lc500 #lexus #carreview #cars #automotive #automotivereview #carvideo #automotivevideo

Jon Dagata1 day ago

I feel like this came out of left field. Apparently Dyson, the vacuum company, is making electric cars now. lol. What do you all think about this? http://autoweek.com/article/green-cars/dyson-3-electric-cars-coming-first-2021

#r56 #minicoooer #johncooperworks #flames #jcw

Robert Sixto2 days ago

*Sigh* What a view. Still swooning over the Giulia #ChicagoCarLife

Car wash time!!! Just a little #nofilter shot of my baby 😃

Jeff Bowman2 days ago

Happy 50th Anniversary Subaru of America! Today marks 50 years since Subaru started selling its 1st vehicle Stateside.... the Subaru 360. With consistent month over month, year over year, sales increases, Subaru continues to be one the fastest growing brands in America! If you want any information on any current or upcoming models, including the Ascent... feel free to comment or message me! #subaruambassador

Hayden Baker2 days ago

My ladies

Post by Alex chris Marshall...

Post by Alex chris Marshall...

#Saab #Project_Car Seeing shots like this really makes me want to spend more time cleaning up this things appearance and getting better at my photography skills.

Roddy Koberg2 days ago

TAMSCC car show on Rudder Plaza!

Had to take the bumper off the car to fit the wheel lifters, but we got it! Had to pull the car out of the garage with a tow strap too. We pushed the car into the space and she's just awaiting a dyno tune! Felt bad for anyone behind us because we were going about 10 mph the entire way. The truck driver was awesome and apparently had owned quite a few Silvia's and 240sx's as well as

Tobias Linder3 days ago

FUCKING FINALLY! Transmission and exhaust is out of the car. Thank GOD! That took way too many months. Now to get the clutch and flywheel out so I can replace the rear main seal, and then install the new lightweight flywheel and performance clutch.

Robert Sixto3 days ago

The aero on modern race cars is really remarkable, Acura displays their Daytona prototype racer at the Chicago Auto Show. It looks like it could generate downforce standing still. More shots on the blog now: https://www.chicagocarlife.com/blogs/event-coverage/the-chicago-auto-show-2018 #ChicagoCarLife

Here's a nice and short video on what makes the B5 Audi RS4 so special. It glosses over some small stuff and is very much a tribute piece by a guy who loves his car. I'm just jealous that he gets to own one, while here in the states, it's a complicated and expensive matter to get one imported. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD7ubYyY19I

Hayden Baker3 days ago

I really love my wheel and brake combo. Just looks so good

Tom Armstrong4 days ago

Looks like we are actually going to get these here in the US....I read the notification on Subarunet yesterday...

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