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Blaine Callaway198 days ago

I've had the shifter in for almost a week now. It's completely changed how the truck feels and I love clicking through the gears. The only thing I have a problem with is that Hurst did not build a vent into the shifter. The OEM shifter has a vent groove built into it which releases pressure from the transmission. You actually have to cut a vent into the mounting plate or it will cause your transmission to leak. Despite

Fredrick Kyle338 days ago

Hey guys my buddie @jason_burford and his truck are missing. Family and friends can’t get a hold of him, if you see him or his truck please message me. ranger

Pheonix Smith375 days ago

Im goning to be making a video covering my ford ranger in the next couple of days for youtube.  I need some questions that i could answer in that video please and thank you

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