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Blaine Callaway198 days ago

I've had the shifter in for almost a week now. It's completely changed how the truck feels and I love clicking through the gears. The only thing I have a problem with is that Hurst did not build a vent into the shifter. The OEM shifter has a vent groove built into it which releases pressure from the transmission. You actually have to cut a vent into the mounting plate or it will cause your transmission to leak. Despite

Hunter Guyer322 days ago

Really wanting to go autoXing again. Is there a way I can skip Winter all together? only

Hunter Guyer328 days ago

This weather really sucks 😢. Not ready for off-season....

Hunter Guyer813 days ago


Hunter Guyer813 days ago


Hunter Guyer810 days ago

Happy 4th of July everyone!equipped

Hunter Guyer808 days ago

Intake installed!equipped

Hunter Guyer808 days ago

Spent the evening at green village Cruz-in with by boy @xander_frs It's nice to go to these types of things seeing all the older cars and try to fit in with the older car scene. It's a totally different experiment than most standard meets. equipped

Hunter Guyer804 days ago

Was caught cruising in to Greenvillage Cruz-in the other day. It was one hell of a show and I plan on making it a regular thing to do every other Wednesday. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- equipped ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hunter Guyer803 days ago


Hunter Guyer802 days ago

Went purging last nightequipped

Hunter Guyer799 days ago

Another Cars and Coffee passed and gone. ------------------------------------------------------------ equipped

Hunter Guyer787 days ago

There's no stronger bond than that of a man and his car. equipped

Hunter Guyer787 days ago

Money whore. Oh well, better than most of you basic bitches 😂 equipped #Pennsylvania

Hunter Guyer787 days ago

Decided not to sleep and take some pictures instead. equipped

Hunter Guyer787 days ago

Some more photos equipped

Hunter Guyer754 days ago

A little throwback with @xander_frs. equipped

Hunter Guyer706 days ago

My baby continues to impress me. She might be ugly right now, but, her journey has just begun.

Hunter Guyer706 days ago

Took a trip down to Mexico. Gonna stay the night tonight 😂😂🤘 #Mexico

Hunter Guyer704 days ago

2nd video has been up on the channel for a few days now. Go give it some more support! Link to my channel is in my profile description!.

Hunter Guyer691 days ago

Pre-Carshow wash session with my boy @that_brayden98 from a couple weeks ago.fbody

Hunter Guyer688 days ago

Shits about to get real!

Hunter Guyer682 days ago

New video on the channel. We talk about my opinion on car clubs! link in my profile description!

Hunter Guyer673 days ago

Didn't get the headers in today. It's one hell of a job. Shooting for next weekend.

Hunter Guyer664 days ago

Reveal will be tomorrow. It's funny how much working in your car to make it better can totally change your mood from horrible to amazing. I love my ride!

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