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Eric Larsen60 days ago

Look for something close and then make it fit your needs. When I put the B16 cylinder head on the rally car I wanted to install an exhaust that I thought would let it breathe better on the big lobe than the stock CRV header I had been using. Googling "CRV awd header" yielded a load of standard B series headers, but nothing awd specific (which seems to have changed). Bought one off ebay as

Eric Larsen62 days ago

Couple pics from when a friend asked me to build a cat back exhaust for his turbo three cylinder Fiesta. Used .040 wall 304 stainless in an attempt to keep material weight down. We did install a muffler after a bit, it had a gnarly drone at freeway speeds. #insidethebuild #carporn

Yves Vds74 days ago

Just wanted to show you guys the bushes I recently installed on the rear lower control arms. I intended to replace the outer ones only. They are pressed in the rear knuckle. Toyota does not sell these separately, instead you need to buy a whole new knuckle (EUR 270 per side). We had to press out the stock outer bush. While it has rubber boots, it's not a rubber bush but an axial bearing. It's not very prone to failure, but

Yves Vds93 days ago

As you know I needed to replace the bushes in the rear knuckle. These are not sold separately by Toyota. If you want to stay with OEM parts, you need to buy a new knuckle. Anyhow to get the old ones out, we needed a press. Therefore, the whole knuckle had to be removed. However, in order to remove the knuckle, we needed to get the control arm out. Lucky as I am, the bolts were rusted into the old inner

Yves Vds91 days ago

The 1st Gen Lexus IS is a solid car, nearly faultless car (reliability-wise). However, it was plagued by a minor issues. An example are the lower ball joints which are known to fail. Another issue is the sticky dash. The top of the dash is coated in this soft-touch material. They didn't do this on the early model years, and these dashboards aged beautifully. However, from 2002 onwards, they were coated. And the coating was terrible quality. The stuff

Yves Vds89 days ago

... and it is looking mighty awesome, if I do say so myself. Actually, it's not perfect. However, it's look pretty fresh for a 15-year and 130,000-mile old car. You be the judge... #insidethebuild

Yves Vds83 days ago

So initially, I had a installed a piggyback with a set of Denso 540cc injectors. I had everything mapped on a Dynapack dyno. Not only did it cost a handful of money, it also ran like shit. I never figured out where the source of the problem was. The guy who did the mapping was a reputable tuner. So I decided to remove the piggyback and install a fuel-cut defender, along with a set of 255cc injectors. And here is

Heather Wohltmann108 days ago

#newhere and loving it. This is my 05 STi and it’s the love of my life. JR tuned with a IAG stage 3 plus and so much more. I’m coming for that 500 mark. #insidethebuild #meansti

Ashley Moeck118 days ago

#camaro #project #insidethebuild #79

Ashley Moeck130 days ago

My babies 🙈 #camaro #mustang #mach1 #ladydriven #insidethebuild #project

Jake Raleigh134 days ago

Finally found an E30 at a local junkyard and it had some decent parts to offer! Maybe get be able to salvage some additional parts at a later time! RIP 1986 325eS. #insidethebuild

Wheelwell 144 days ago

Three Builds With Diverse Roots  https://wheelwell.com/owen-housden-2/1vd9/2007-mazda-mazdaspeed-mazda3 Owen Housden's 2007 Mazdaspeed Mazda 3 Not so SNEEEKY anymore. Owen has upgraded virtually every part on this 430hp beast. He started out with a budget friendly daily build in mind and as usually happens, he was bit by the mod bug. This build has some killer details, do yourself a favor and check it out. https://wheelwell.com/leon-ochs-1/18c4/2002-audi-tt Leon Ochs's 2002 Audi TT While some might see the Audi TT as a bit of an acquired taste aesthetically,

Beverton McGill146 days ago

https://youtu.be/1g-UEhqk7N8 #carporn #advice #guides #insidethebuild #bmw #e30

Wheelwell 150 days ago

Go Inside With Three Hatchbacks That Couldn’t Be More Different https://wheelwell.com/steve-clasen-1/2j0n/1997-subaru-legacySteve Clasen’s 1997 Subaru Legacy Periodic blood sacrifice keep this Legacy ripping corners and knuckles with equal enthusiasm. There is a serious lack of wagon love these days but honestly, three pedals and long roofs are the things dreams are made of. Read about how Steve plans to run the track with a build that time forgot. https://wheelwell.com/brandon-case/1kbg/2016-volkswagen-golf-gti Brandon Case’s 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI The hottest of the hatches, the car

Steven Garcia180 days ago

Owner of a 2014 Chevy Camaro LS. Looking to do mods. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sub to me on YouTube as I continue my journey in the streets of Chicago #newmod to come. #camaro #carenthusiast #cars #racing #carporn #advice #into #rant #insidethebuild Follow me to see more please #newmod#camaro#carenthusiast#cars#racing#carporn#advice#into #camaro #chevy #youtube

Thomas Wegielnik181 days ago

Giving the carbon components some love with fresh epoxy and a polish. Wrapping the rear quarters but leaving the roof carbon and removable for targa action. The roof is a complete replacement fyi. #insidethebuild #project_car #racecar #370z #Nissan #carbonfiber

Thomas Wegielnik187 days ago

Finally giving the racecar some love with Avery Gloss Carmine Red. Coming out awesome. Need to finish up with the carbon fiber rear quarters and the rear bumper then continue on with some more fabrication #insidethebuild #project_car #racecar #370z #Nissan #wrap

Wheelwell 207 days ago

These cars are born for the track! Check out this week's Inside the Build #insidethebuild Chadwick Atkinson’s 1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 The coveted Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 is serious JDM royalty. With this track focused build, no part has been left untouched. This is certainly a build that can be called a labor of love, and Chadwick continues to bring out the best of what this rare gem has to offer. "I've always like the rare ones. This is

Wheelwell 215 days ago

What Do You Get When You Cross an A4, a 9-3 and a Yaris? This week's #insidethebuild !!!! Kaleb Thompson’s 2005 Audi A4 Who doesn’t like a clean, tuned, stanced A4? It’s a perfect combination of classiness and a platform that can support serious power. Well planned builds are often the most successful, and the execution on this one is impressive. Check out the tire punishing mods that Kaleb has lined up! https://wheelwell.com/kaleb-thompson/1mz7/2005-audi-a4 #audi #a4 #2005 #awd #euro #apr Wilson

Steven Garcia215 days ago

#newmod to come. #camaro #carenthusiast #cars #racing #carporn #advice #into #rant #insidethebuild Follow me to see more please

Brian Post217 days ago

Finally found a new exhaust for the honda! so excited and ready to get it shipped and install! What did you find for your car today? #insidethebuild #EF2 #hondalife #exhaustshit #hondasi #newmod

Beverton McGill219 days ago

#insidethebuild #e30 #projectcar #e302JZ https://youtu.be/wt_MktccJCE

Wheelwell 222 days ago

Check out these three rides featured in this week's Inside the Build: https://wheelwell.com/dennis-gillingham/153z/2006-subaru-wrx-sti Dennis G's 2006 Subaru WRX Sti Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the sea of WRX STis. However, occasionally you’ll come across one that really stands out from the pack. Sporting a nice factory grey and tons of well chosen performance mods, this one really demands our attention. Check out Dennis’s story to see how he brought this car back from the brink of death! https://wheelwell.com/christian-redditt/n23/1997-bmw-z3 Christian R's

Wheelwell 228 days ago

by Skylar Siegel, Wheelwell ITB Editor Starting this month, I’ll be sharing with you my TOP 5 picks of all the Inside the Build’s we’ve ever featured on Wheelwell, and give you a few thoughts on each (you can also read more about me below). Keep building, driving, and share the passion. Britt's 1995 BMW M3 The capabilities of these cars is well documented and in this particular example, the attention to detail is unparalleled. From the canyons to the track, this

Kit Lau228 days ago

Thank you everyone who responded to me on the private message about featuring your ride for Wheelwell's Inside the Build. We received many awesome submissions! Skylar and I can't wait to go through them and put them on the Inside the Build emails! Please keep uploading those new pictures and keep filling out those parts. The more filled out your car is, the better it'll look when the readers land on your car profile page from the email! If

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